My Take: Dr. King even said “I’m Black and I’m Proud!”

Posted: January 15, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, My Special Commentary
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Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud!” – James Brown

Today in America marks the 84th Anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. While stumbling on to the Youtube videos today, I looked up a speech that was a lost footage of Dr. King reciting the words in which that most African-Americans know from a James Brown Lyric. Basically that was real talk coming from a person like King, even though he opposed the Vietnam War and supported the Sanitation Union Workers, Civil Rights prior to his death, he also have to comment about being black and proud. Now for some of you probably reading this, it’s not a powder-keg waiting to go off. King commented those who say that the color black represents the ugly dark shade, while the white color represents the innocent, pure shade. We get it. But in this instance, Dr. King really broke it down in which most today should understand. I know the old school folks, or the old heads get this. They know. But the heads now, who feel “ashamed” of being black, they better get on board. Just saying.

Put this in the moments for Black History Month 2013, and many other archives.


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