Oh get a kick out of this, folks. Now, I’m not totally into reality shows. Not so much with being of the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Survivor. But recently, if those who have cable or satellite and have The Learning Channel, you might have seen a new show based on Funerals. Relax, it’s not Six Feet Under. That was on HBO and it was the “bombdiggity” back on Sunday nights. Folks die and come back for a while until their homegoing services. But for this: Best Funeral Ever.

Now before you go watching the show, which does come on TLC, be forewarned:  Watch with caution. Just my words. Now, I know that many are planning their funerals of what they want in all. And now a days, Funerals are customized to ease the sadness and the take the pressure off of not being subjected to look a bodies in a casket. Folks gonna say “what’s wrong with that, we all goin’ be in them one day!”

Moving on…..the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home is where the arrangements are being made to customize the “homegoing” services. Remember the keyword: homegoing. However when I was watching the show, I got the “OH.MY.GOD” look on my face.

Let me share my Twitter reaction: Professional Mourners?!! Pigs?!! Large Barbecue ribs?!! A casket grill?!!! Really?!!! Oh.My.God. #bestfuneralever

The first show I looked at was the pilot. This featured the funerals in which had one of the families having a service in a barbecue restaurant. I am not kidding. There was a dinner first. Then the  dancers were coming out with large barbecue ribs (not the real ones) then the part that got my attention was the pallbearers marching with a Casket-Barbecue Grill with the deceased in it, and also a individual was grilling during the service! I’m sitting in my easy chair having a gas face, like the letters WTF all over it! Plus on top of that, part of the service had involved, yep you guessed it: Blessing with RIBS! With a BBQ Fountain! And live PIGS! Another part of the show, the funeral planners had Professional Mourners. I kid you NOT! I know somebody is sitting at home asking, where do I sign? Please don’t. Rolling all over the pews like a tornado, Oh God! I’m saying to myself, Like really?!!!

Wait: there’s more. Ever heard of a “Christmas Homegoing”? Yep, the Funeral folks pulled that off, with the Christmas decorations, live animals, characters, and Santa on a sleigh – with a RED CASKET!

On twitter: a mixed reaction. If you do the hashtag thing, hashtag this: #bestfuneralever Go ahead. Plus when you do, you will read almost every single mostly tweet in a mixed reaction of the show. You might see a tweet like this:

Tera Carissa Hodges wrote: @teracarissa – This is not real. This is not real. This is not real. This is not real. I can’t breathe. This is not real. – By the way this was retweeted 293 times!  And later she writes in regarding the pastor: He said he doesn’t like heights because the Bible says lo I will be with you always #HoldsUpBaptistFingerAndWalksOut

Or like this courtesy of Holly Robinson Peete:  “You may be in a casket but it can still be fantastic”???#BestFuneralEver just came on and my jaw is #onthefloor

Or this one courtesy of Roland Martin: “Praise the Lord, pass the ribs.” I am convinced there is NOTHING folks won’t turn into a reality show #bestfuneralever

Look, I’m all for folks showcasing the homegoing services in which to reflect the loved ones life in all, but I’m asking. Would anyone do this? I’m just saying! Most thought the show would set the black folks back 50 years or more. In sense of getting the “foolery” out of the system. Personally, there were times with the gas face reaction of mine should of told me to change the darn channel!

Final analysis: To each of their own. In sense if this what the folks want, they’ll get. And if not, direct opposite. If you have not watch this show, and somewhat “Extremely Sensitive” of Funerals per say, Watch With Caution! – Just as suggestion. Now I know why the word “ratchet” is coming up.


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