This past Christmas Season, yes I have went to see Django Unchained. Let me tell you from my standpoint – Very Epic! Very epic in sense of action and dialogue. Now let me come off the heels of my last blog, I did see it AFTER I saw Roots on BET. And about Roots, being well a “problem”, maybe those need to review it yet again to see why the dialogue or action was set up that way. Even though the setting was based during the time of slavery and civil rights. Learn that lesson, young bloggers!

Not to give away the Cliff Notes, but I do hope those that see the movie, see it from another angle. Not just because of the hype, but because of your personal point of view of interest. Still many of us are still flocking to see it because of Jamie Foxx’s Character of Django in which the movie is a 1960’s remake. But also the characters of in which Samuel L. Jackson playing Stephen. If you saw it already, dude is good! Even playing as a bad guy, house servant cussing like a sailor, and also Leonardo DiCaprio did well in playing as a bad guy as well. Including Don Johnson. Just a thought: there are three “Sagittarians” in this movie of Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, and Don Johnson just a few. And “Scandal” star Kerry Washington’s appearance in the movie was well respected. Even though she played the part of Broomhilda being captured, she maintained her performance.

Even though that the movie has no real era ties to the actual slavery time, but I think Quentin Taratino wanted to provoke the thought with this movie. (A lesson learned in College for me) Oh yeah, we know his work with Kill Bill, Planet Terror, and Machete all of those movies had the extreme gore in it. But that’s his M.O.  You have to expect that. And there were some humor in it.

Plus, not everyone is a fan of the movie. We know Spike Lee called out against it. Let me say this: there was a time in HIS movies he had a black woman playing a phone sex operator, a black woman playing a crack head, and etc. And he says that he respects his ancestors? I respect Spike as a director uplifting black folks, but dude need to quit smacking talk! Katt Williams. Money Mike from the Friday movies, that he would threaten Quentin Tarantino  all because the use of the N-word in the movie. I questioned this in 2012, does he have his own problems to deal with? And more recently, Tavis Smiley. Don’t get me started on him. This dude pulled out a screen play of Django! And gave his “thumbs down” in commenting that the movie had a buffoonery type stance with slavery. Should any of these guys should go after the rappers who use these dialogues more often? And these are supposed to be the guys that should uplift our young folks in terms of recognizing our history as African-Americans? In the words of Bill Cosby: Come On, People!

If those don’t like Django, fine. Don’t spend your money and just simply invest one of those movies that mostly, well you know. Stay in the house, or go rent a movie from Netflix.  If you like the movies with the action/romance/gore thing in it, don’t pay attention to the “so-called critics” have to say. Even if they are on Social Media or posting some bogus YouTube video. Yeah I said it. Go see it for yourself first, then formulate your opinion. This is exactly why most folks “hear” but don’t “see”. I rather see a movie for myself then hear it, or see comments coming from your Facebook buddy. In speaking of that, when I go the movie, I warn my Facebook flock with these words: “Don’t tell me what happens!” You know how folks are. I’m just saying.

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