This is what I’m talking about. Regardless the timing of article of black students, racial pride (in a good way), and education

Posted: January 4, 2013 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Education, My Special Commentary, News and politics
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I just read an article on Clutch Magazine’s website in regarding these findings: Black Students, Racial Pride, and Education. Now before the Uh-oh’s come in, which likely they are, do this:

1) Read the article New Study: Black Students Who Are Taught Racial Pride Do Better In School” Courtesy of the website.

2) Gather all that thought and swirl in the mind.

3) THEN formulate your opinion. Per say.

Since Black History Month is month away, and yes we’ll be at the celebration again likewise, it’s highly appropriate for every Black family now that is raising kids, this should be in the lesson plans not only in school, but in the house!  Plus the church and many other community related historical sites that has this information all the time!  And plus, even though this might be a late published article, but to me it’s right on time.  Even though Clutch Magazine is geared mostly to African-American Females, which I respect, but I think this article is mostly geared to the African-American family as a whole.

Read up.


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