Time to breakout the brainstorming stuff. Happy New Year!

It’s all about this time of year to ask, what next? We got to the drawing boards of empty pads, papers, new files and many others to figure out what can make 2013 better than 2012. Nothing less, I don’t really believe in the word: Resolutions. Frankly, resolutions are just objectives that well, usually get done and don’t work. Many of us are thinking about losing weight, stop smoking or I want to see more of my family. We know. Or I want a better career because my current job is not working. It’s pathetic, sucks, or I want something more. Now don’t get me wrong, we all want something better. Even me. We want to constantly improve our objective better than the previous year. So for this first blog for the Year of the Snake, time for me list things I think should “slither and strike” my goals for 2013:

1) STOP THE KILLINGS! No matter where you are in world, or in the United States, in 2012, there have been more killings of folks who died for no reason! Especially those who are black.

2) Stop saying your words as in “Your invited!” It’s really “You’re Invited.” EDUCATION! Go back to school. Or in this case, PLEASE go back to school!

3) I want to address this to the non-African American communities. You know who you are, and this needs to be said. Enough with the black related things that are “racist”. Now for those who are non-black, if an issue comes up that concern my African-American Ancestry, no matter if t’s Black History Month and the reasons for it, stop asking questions and saying “I’m not a racist.” – AGAIN EDUCATION!

4) African-Americans and Americans alike: We need to apply for  jobs.  Get out and look, network, apply, dress appropriately, and be punctual. And black women, stop all this hair talk, in a negative sense!

5) No more ratchet talk, nor Bands that make them dance stuff. Bring a song that can mean something. And also END THE DEATH TWITTER CRAP!

6) In 2012, we talked about supporting local companies. Well, in 2013 do it more!

7) When movies, or a certain gadget comes out, do this: tryout the product or see the flick first THEN give your opinion! No more going on some Video Game blog that knows all or some YouTube Channel that folks think they’re right. But what if they are wrong without any proof? Get real proof!

8) For all those who are “hyper-sensitive” about darn near everything, if there are certain things that are offensive to you and you don’t like it, MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! Even if you are on Facebook. Seriously. Don’t like pictures of you acting a fool, or in this case, not being ready, say something BEFORE they shoot the pic! Your so-called sensitivity, is making others feel worse! Like your jobs. Or if there is a picture or pictures on Social Media that don’t appeal to you: DELETE YOURSELF! Or you can pluck your eyeballs out and forever be blind! And stop judging others just because they are NOT YOU! And  prayers will be lifted.

9) No more tweety bird PJ’s in public or other clothes in poor taste.  Even at Job Fairs! I’m sorry. If you can’t afford to get dressed in a suit or jeans, stay home!

10) For those who constantly looking for love and saying that there are no good men around, try again and stop judging!

11) If you are organizing a job fair, have the participants go freely for companies first, instead of forcefully going to companies that are well strictly to one company. Have the participants to move around.

12) Constanly say: Bring the Troops home.  Even more.


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