The Dragon Year of 2012 is going to be in retirement. But before we pop the champagne bottles and get drunk for 2013, aka the Year of the Snake, let me say that the year of 2012 was not one of those years in which the year wasn’t going to Mayans and this end of the world stuff. Nor messed with. The world will end alright, UNLESS God says so. But right now, let’s review the good, the bad and the downright ugly:
The Goods:

  • The Democratic National Convention had life! Even DJ Cassidy was in the building. Way better than the Republican National Convention.
  • YOLO – You only live once. I get it. Also: #negrospotting.
  • John Cena vs The Rock. Yeah, we watched it.
  • 12/12/12!!!! – Here In Wisconsin, Aaron Rodgers Day. Even in Sagittarius Season!
  • This year, the month of December had 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays in 2012. Won’t be like that again until 2018 and 2024.
  • Call out: The Nintendo WiiU made it’s way to the stores. Now I have to call out the critics who think that the graphics and/or game-play is not good. Before the WiiU came out, have ANY of you ever tried it out before commenting? My advice: Shut up, try out the system, and then state your opinion! Either in person, or on some YouTube video!
  • Obama Repeats as President and got the Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. See , I told you Romney Folks.
  • The 2012 Olympics: The Fierce Five, the Swim Team, Basketball, Shooting Team, Women’s Soccer, and all those represented the U.S. and Lebron James did win the NBA Championship plus a Gold Medal. And yes, I rooted mostly for the Black Olympians as well as Michael Phelps and others.
  • In racing: Remember these names of Tia Norfleet and Nicole Lyons. They are black and making a name in Drag Racing and NASCAR.
  • Green Bay Packers’ Randall Cobb continued to be a threat on the Gridiron. Take notes, NFL!
  • BET has two words for you: Don’t Sleep!
  • The Wisconsin Badgers win the Big Ten Championship. And guess what, the haters are mad it should have been Ohio State or Penn State in the front. Well, if Ohio State/Penn State had there stuff resolved without cheating or getting away with NCAA Rule Breaking, then it would have been different. Wisconsin was just a runner up that controlled it’s own destiny. Plus, Montee Ball is the all time FBS career rush leader. Also: the Football team’s running game worked well with the Badger Barge Wildcat.
  • A new store in Milwaukee, called MilwaukeeHome opens up, and yes its local.
  • WNOV 860AM is back! Not only on the radio, but also online – best segment to listen to is “The Forum” with Sherwin Hughes. Plus, still hits the folks with real talk.
  • The Minority, Women, and the LGBTQ were part of the reason why Obama won. Other than that, “Minority Rules”. Even Sandra Fluke.
  • When everyone was tuning into Whitney Houston’s Funeral this past February, many folks now know what a “Homegoing” is. Plus, Cissy Houston brought the world to Church. Homegoing services are well known in black churches by the way.
  • Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin wins the U.S. Senate Seat. “You’re Da*”…Oh you know the rest.
  • Any Scandal fans here? If you like Kerry Washington, her show on Thursday nights will have you glued and guessing. #Gladiators.
  • WWE’s Monday Night Raw passes the 1,000 shows mark.
  • In music: again, NO BIEBER STUFF, no Nicki Minaj Stuff. Sorry youngsters. Not on this blog! And neither on my favorite radio stations. But those I did listened to:

Frank Ocean – Best song(s) Pyramids.
Elle Varner – New girl in the game.
Angie Stone – She never disappoints. Rich Girl is a hot CD.
Leela James – Yes, she was in the house in 2012: Her CD in tribute to Etta James was a hidden gem.
Miguel – Adorn was a hot track. c
Missy Elliott – 9th Inning. Back in the game after a seven year stint. Learn it young bucks!
T.I. – I will admit, T.I. had his legal troubles but the Trouble Man CD is not that bad. Best song I know is The Introduction.
Rick Ross – His latest “God Forgives, I Don’t” had some flavor. Mainly with the songs Presidential, 911, Maybach Music, and 3 Kings.
Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire is an anthem that ALL young girls should listen and play in their churches and functions. Plus New Day.
SWV -I’m glad that these sisters are back. Pay attention, young bucks!
DJango Unchained Soundtrack – Out of all the tracks on the CD, the songs Freedom and Unchained are the most interest.
Eric Benet – Milwaukee’s own still brings it. The songs of Redbone Girl and Muzik were most recognizable. Speaking of Redbone Girl, what was so bad about that song anyway? I hear songs about women all the time in a good sense, per say. Thick women, thin women, black women, latina women, etc. Come on people! Plus the song “Muzik” was positively done with his daughter, India.
The Man with the Iron Fist Soundtrack. – RZA and company had some fire with this. Mixing with the Black Keys, Method Man and etc. The Baddest Man Alive, Six Degrees of Boxing, and We Built This are the strong songs. Speaking of Baddest Man Alive, that reminds me of Obama getting that repeat. And MC Hammer was on stage with Psy at the American Music Awards with the Gangnam Style/Too Legit to Quit mashup.
For the DJ’s : Mad respect to DJ Kiss! I know she’s a female but she’s blowing up along with DJ Beverly Bond. Plus DJ Khalid, DJ M.O.S. And Milwaukee’s own Doc B, Tony Neal, Homer Blow, DJ Darrell, Rodney Poe, Reggie “Smooth as Butta” Brown, Bailey Coleman, Earl Stokes, etc.

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce are Parents of Blue Ivy.
  • I’m feeling Melissa Harris Perry on MSNBC. The #nerdland stuff just keeps getting interesting.
  • Bounce TV made it’s debut. A regular TV Digital network for the African-American Audience as well as Aspire.
  • The Dark Knight Rises was well received in the Movies as well as Ted, Sparkle, Red Tails, Django Unchained, Madea, and Act of Valor. Despite of those who thought Red Tails wasn’t all what it expected to be, it was a good movie. And I also think that the Tuskegee Airmen who served during the era should be honored with respect. For Batman, that movie spoke for itself in a good sense of going out. As for Django Unchained, I had to view Roots on BET before seeing the flick. Still Django, was definitely a good look. Not disclosing any cliff notes here!
  • Summerfest here in Milwaukee turned 45 years old. Still got my pass.
  • African World Festival in Milwaukee was back for two days, and celebrated 30 years.
  • In the Wisconsin August 14th election, the guards of Mandela Barnes and Nikyla Harris became relatively new for the Wisconsin State Senate seats, replacing State Senator Elizabeth Coggs and Rep. Jason Fields.
  • There are black folks in Maine! Reference Black Girl In Maine.
  • The City of Milwaukee had 87% of Registered voters that Voted Up this year. The previous record, was 80% from 2008.
  • Call out: Speaking of Roots, I’m glad that BET aired the series. Especially for those who think they know everything and lost in this era of technology and social media. And those who are “politically correct” but stupid. And just for the record, Roots marked 35 years since it’s debut on tv, and no other network EXCEPT BET done this.
  • For the good in me: I had a chance to visit the Talgo plant in May to view the trains up close which was a good look. Plus, I visited not one, not two, but three Obama for America events in which the FLOTUS, POTUS and Bill Clinton were all in Wisconsin. A three way dance for the Obama/Biden Crew. Plus I worked the City of Milwaukee Election gigs for my 6th Anniversary this year as a Poll Worker. And I attended a rally for the “We Stand with Our Men” event in which that the thought was behind the support of African-American men who are struggling to find work and currently working. And visiting the Wisconsin Dells, attended “Poetry in Politics” at Milwaukee’s City Hall, and a “local rally” for supporting the hoodie thing of Trayvon Martin.

The Bad Stuff:

  • A deadly summer heat sweeps across America, and also took one of my church members in death.
  • The false call of the scab refs from the Green Bay Packers – Seattle Seahawks game. We know who should have won.
  • Ann Coulter thinks that there is no real racism. Look again, chick.
  • Hostess goes out of business. Or did it?
  • The 47% and Binders full of Women. Wow Mitt Romney sucked on that. And his son Tagg was in the hotseat with the voting machines in Ohio.
  • Call Out: The folks who go went to the Romney/Ryan rallies wearing the “Put the White back in the White House.” – Note to those who are non-educated, Black folks BUILT the White House.
  • Frank Ocean comes out of the closet and Target doesn’t sell his CD’s. Really?
  • Chick-Fil-A, Papa Johns – All because hating the LGBTQ’s and Obamacare. Plus what was the beef against Ellen Degeneres and her ads with JCPenney?
  • Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance. What was she thinking?!!!!
  • M.I.A. flashing the middle finger during the Super Bowl Halftime Show and Madonna was not happy.
  • Scott Walker survives the Recall Election. Plus that mark of 250,000 jobs will not happen. Hate to bring up a past quote, but epic fail!
  • The mudslinging of the Presidential/General Election. Ranging from making fun of Elizabeth Warren of her Native American Heritage to certain African American candidates. Um, proud Americans?
  • The “Voter Fraud is a Crime” signs were just pathetic. Another reason to disregard the black, minority, and poor folks who vote. On that note, that was Wisconsin’s fault for the money part, (in lieu to Scott Walker) and Bain Capital for the display.
  • Bret Bielema leaves Wisconsin and goes to the Razorbacks. Unceremoniously.
  • DirecTV/Viacom/Hearst Television/Time Warner – Need I say more with their networks and products?
  • The saga of the Hostess brands. And many are blaming the Unions? WRONG! That’s really on Management.
  • Rhonda Lee, a former Meteorologist of Louisiana gets fired for her hair. Racially. But also acknowledged her African-American Ancestry.
  • UN Ambassador Susan Rice removes her name from the list of potential Secretary of State. We all know the real reason, thank the idiotic Republicans like Sen. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte. STUPID! Got to attack the successful and potential black folks. Not cool.
  • Remember the father from North Carolina who shot his daughter’s computer over a Facebook comment of him? And the Youtube video went viral.
  • Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor was taken off the JFC Committee, marking the first time in nearly 30 years that an African-American Representative will not be on the panel. Not a wise move.
  • The Right Wing-Benghazi Attack News. Waste.
  • After the Trayvon Martin case, I know about the hoodies and those wanting to support the cause, but those also complained that work needs to be done in local communities. Nothing wrong supporting a “national cause” and a “local cause” in times of dilemma. I have to say folks need to be careful of what they wish for because they might get it. Us Milwaukee folks need to recognize after Trayvon Martin got shot and killed, we rallied behind Oak Creek, Brookfield and the late Officer Jennifer Sebena in Wauwatosa. Just saying! (Note- For this I’m not making a mockery, just making a point that needs to be addressed).
  • The City of Milwaukee has NO Movie Theaters on the Northside. I’m talking about the metro area, not the suburbs. The last theater I went to on the Northside was the Marcus Northtown Cinemas and it was on the 4th of July.
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer sticks her pointer finger at the President. Boo!!!!!!
  • The NRA is full of crap. Blaming the recent school shootings on Video Games, Movies and etc.
  • The School shootings at Sandy Hill Elementary School involving the kids and adults. As well as many other shootings in America involving the deaths of young black males, suburban areas like Aurora Colorado, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Brookfield Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and etc.
  • On average, the City of Chicago had over 200+ killings of Children in the last 3 years. Most were asking were was the tears for them? Plus the 500 homicides. STOP THE KILLINGS Chicago! In addition, Milwaukee’s homicide rate ended around 85, plus the 16 of the killings in the city were over stupid stuff. Even being Gay, or a student bringing the total approximately 101.
  • Out of the State of Maine: The GOP Chairman Charlie Webster claimed that Voter Fraud was a result that “too many black people voted”. So yes America, Maine the whitest state in the Union does have African American folks.
  • Hurricane Sandy strikes the East Coast.

The Flat OUT Ugly:

  • Black Girls Rock is not racist. Note to those who wanna know. (Uneducated Twitter folks)
  • The Fiscal Cliff warnings.
  • The City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission is flagged with the use of it’s Police Officers. Especially with the cover ups of Derek Williams and Jeanine Tracy from 2011.
  • Fake Companies: Remember the Online Public Yellow Pages.
  • After Obama won, some of the folks in America want to “secede from the union”. Didn’t happen.
  • Sheriff David Clarke of the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department recommended that Armed Officers should be placed in every school, but also condemns the Newtown School Shootings. Um, try again Sheriff.
  • “Bands that Make Her Dance”. – Worst anthem ever! I’m sorry it doesn’t make sense. Not on my playlist!
  • Some on the Republican Right commented that “Rape was something that God intended”. Rape is Rape. It is a crime folks. Not to be messed with.
  • Twitter gets a bad rap from young black women talking about Gabby Douglass’ hair. Other folks claiming famous men/women dead which they weren’t, and even the folks like Roland Martin gets flagged on Twitter for talking about Gays in WHICH HE WASN’T! He got suspended from CNN but returned. And Chris Rock went off the meter in which commenting about Independence Day. Or in this instance: “Happy White People’s Independence Day.” Actually, he was telling the truth. It was the so-called Americans who didn’t understand that went off the meter!
  • Rush Limbaugh calls out Sandra Fluke with the slut comment. WEAK! And he got caught.
  • Suzy Favor Hamilton admits being a call girl. Hold up did she competed in the Olympics way back? Why being a call girl? I’ll never know.
  • The “End of the World” Talk on December 21st. Why I’m I still living?
  • Someone on the Republican Right like Allen West is out of a job. In the words of Vince McMahon, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!
  • Call out: Many of the folks who probably disregarded voting and not enough jobs out here probably were the ones out rioting for those new Air Jordan that came out this year. Don’t trip! – To those who actually done it. Silly citizens.
  • Voter Suppression is a waste. No American SHOULD NOT fork over ID’s to get a ballot, nor be redrawn in another district just to get to the polling place. All this is was to not to have a 2008 repeat of electing a Black President. Well, that failed. Note to our “officials” that is like a repeat of black folks showing papers from slavery days. WATCH ROOTS!
  • Call out: More folks complained about voting didn’t help in 2012. Shut up, Americans! If you didn’t vote, your fault. End of story!!!!!!!
  • Bill Maher commented that folks who are “sensitive” need to get on with their life. He said, “Turn the page or take a roll of quarters and leave the booth”. Well he’s right. Especially those who are extremely sensitive about darn near everything.
  • The State of Michigan is now a Right to Work State.
  • Some black celeb folks like Stacey Dash and Shyne wanted Romney to win. Oh wait……
  • The War on Women. Dang Republicans.
  • Tracy Morgan’s commentary about stabbing gays. Way over the top, but he apologized.
  • Usain Bolt is a good sprinter, but needs to respect other NATIONAL ANTHEMS!
  • Rae Lewis-Thorton, a black woman living with AIDS in Chicago was ousted from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. (Oh really DST’s!?) But now, she is an ordained minister. What do the D9 folks have to say about that? Just asking.
  • Facebook changes yet again and folks complained. That’s nothing new. Things change everyday. So what.
  • Call out: Employers need to stop hating of what they really want in employers. As in labeling folks being overqualified, etc. Obviously, they better really observe what’s really going on. That was on going in 2012. – Greater Milwaukee Area, better take notes!
  • Bus fights goes viral. Either in Cleveland or Milwaukee we’ve seen them.
  • Call out: Facebook users who pick and delete need to stop being so picky. If you unfriended someone based on what was said or displayed, then why did you friend him/her in the first place? Duh! People don’t think. The same with Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and many others.
  • Adidas had a product of basketball shoes in which had “shackles”. Totally UGLY!
  • The 2012 USA Men’s Basketball Team is better than 1992? NOT A CHANCE! Never will be! Wise up young bloggers and sports fans. #respectthelegends #nocomparison

Scratching my head all this time:

  • Black People – why are we saying “ratchet?”
  • Was Windows 8 really THAT confusing?
  • Not knocking the fashion tip but what was up with the “nerd glasses?” I see them on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Is this a fashion trend that was always here? I’m just saying.
  • Why do certain folks fear folks who are real? And don’t even talk to them or come together?
  • I’ve heard this on WNOV, tell me is this true: one of the “hidden reasons” why the Wisconsin High Speed Rail wasn’t built because of certain folks in Wisconsin don’t want to see black folks? Really? A reason why ignorance still runs rapid in the state. First it was the “Oh it’s expensive. It’s a boondoggle.” Stuff. No, give me a real reason. There are certain folks in the badger state that does not want a train built, and also does not want to see certain folks of color.
  • Can anyone explain this phrase of “Honey Boo Boo?”
  • When Clint Eastwood was at the RNC, and the chair was placed he really killed. But seriously? Most thought it was a page out of Grandpa Simpson yelling at a chair.
  • When Django Unchained came out, folks like Spike Lee and Katt Williams had to open their mouths. Spike had resurrected his “war” against Quentin Tarantino after Jackie Brown, (and many others – Tyler Perry, Clint Eastwood, etc.) plus also Katt Williams had to come after Jamie Foxx of being “gay” in his comment content of the movie. Um, does Katt Williams have his own problems to deal with?
  • When MSNBC host David Gregory displayed a magazine on his show, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hill Elementary School Shootings, not to many liked it. Well where are those favor the 2nd Amendment? And those who didn’t like it, why were you watching?

Those that we lost: This year of 2012 was year that more legends and those that never got a chance to shine, were clocked out. As my mother would say, The saints are getting out of here!

  • Jordan Davis – This kid was killed all because his music was turned up. Shameful.
  • Etta James – Legendary Singer. Can’t complain.
  • Whitney Houston – The voice. Enough said.
  • Rodney King – Remember 1991.
  • Dick Clark – All of the Blooper shows, but mostly: American Bandstand and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.
  • Larry Hagman – JR Ewing.
  • Don Cornelius – Soul Train. Enough Said.
  • Jack Klugman – From the Odd Couple to Quincy.
  • Officer Jennifer Sebena – This was really sad of what happened to her. A person like her who served behind the badge gets killed by her husband who not only served in the U.S. Marines but also a member of the church.
  • Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf – One of the best generals that served America.
  • Davey Jones – One of The Monkees.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan – Dude had a gift. Mostly as an actor.
  • Donna Summer – One of the all time greats in Disco.
  • Trayvon Martin – This kid was killed because he looked suspicious. Shameful.
  • The Students and Faculty of Newtown, CT – This has to be one of the worst school shootings of the year. And the dude that killed them had a problem.
  • The Shooting victims of the Sikh Temple and Azana Spa and Salon in Wisconsin. – The state of Wisconsin isn’t immune to violence like this and both had ended because of hatred against a certain faith and the other ended because of a bad relationship.
  • Junior Seau – One of the best linebackers in the NFL.
  • Jerry Brown – Accidental death of this NFL player.
  • Joe Paterno-Penn State Coach
  • Adam Yauch – AKA MCA of the Beastie Boys.
  • Sherman Hemsley – Didn’t matter if he was George Jefferson or Deacon Frye.
  • Robin Gibb – One of the Bee Gees. Legend.
  • Robert Hegyes/Ron Palillo – both known to be Sweathogs on Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • Mike Wallace – 60 Minutes.
  • Andy Griffith – What needs to be said?
  • Chuck Brown – Known for Bustin’ Loose and being the Godfather of Go-Go Music.
  • Neil Armstrong – Great Astronaut. “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”
  • Jovan Belcher – This was really tragic over some stuff. But his NFL future was so promising.
  • Marie Jones – this was one of my church members who died in the summer heat in Milwaukee. Her death still stings.

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