For those who are curious: What is the secret to my writing?

Posted: December 31, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Commentary by all means, Holidays, My Special Commentary
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Finally on this New Year’s Eve, I’ll go further about this: my writing.

Well, the time has come for me to ask a thoughtful question, what is the secret to all of this blogging that I’ve been doing? Time to bring a preliminary thoughtful commentary to wordpress as in this. Creative Writing. That’s basically it. The same creative writing classes in which most of us remember when we were in school, or college in which we have to write those long thesis’ and those term papers in order to get those grades. Or those essays in which guarantees those scholarships. Many years ago, in another era, I remember as a student in Milwaukee that we have learn how to write things to get attention. It was called having a tone. Tone meaning attitude. And whatever thought pops in my mind, I put it down on paper and just write. This is a way to flow the juices sort of speak to generate a thought to get an idea, objective or in this case a minority plan to seek out.

Many of us have this gift of writing. I may one day might have these blogs in a book or ebook if I choose to write for the last time. But in any time soon, I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep the folks honest. Many of us who write on WordPress, BlogSpot (is it OK to say BlogSpot on here?) or many others. On MySpace, I used to have a weekly blog called New Thoughts in which I ramble on about anything that goes into my mind. New Thought this, New Thought that. Whatever I choose to write about, it goes out. I may get feisty or mean about a certain subject, but I choose to express in a manner that I normally know.

Or like a normal person I’ll go low key and just write positive thoughts. Many of the subjects I do write come from life experiences, good things, bad things, religious, TV, the Federal Government comments, out in the elements in Milwaukee,  or any other commentary standpoint I see fit. If those who write for our  hometown newspapers or those who go onto TV and give a editorial take, they usually give their piece of opinion and state it in a manner of truth. Here in Milwaukee for example, as a kid growing up I watched TV legend Carl Zimmerman who once gave editorials about a certain subject or place or idea that has nothing to do with being behind a desk. Or now, Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel’s writer Eugene Kane has a new column he writes for the paper called Purple Wisconsin, which gives a blog feel to the paper of politics, metro and many other ideas. My idea of  the “Stephen’s Spot” blog is clearly independent. I don’t get paid to publish my commentary, nor get charged for it to be displayed. Wish I did got paid for this blogging thing! But in wishful thought this is my way of saying, “I have something to say to the world”, and I dare say to Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin as I have done many times before. Good or bad. I will say something! And for the record, I’ve been blogging since 2006, and on here since Windows Live Writer got started.

So this is part of the reason why I write like this. And plus with me being a fan of Philosophy, (yes I like Philosophy), I like to provoke the thought in a mindset. So my colleges and universities have taught me well. Now I’m bringing the craft to the site like this in order to communicate. So yes, kids and adults, remember your writing classes.

As I use to say in the old blog country: this is my take. Right or Wrong. Just my thought.

Enjoy the ball dropping, champagne,  and singing Auld Lang Syne. And the bowl games. Plus, Go Badgers!


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