Before Django Unchained, watch an old school classic: Alex Haley’s Roots. Every darn one of the series.

Posted: December 25, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Commentary by all means, Decision Factors, Editorial
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Most have already are waiting to see Django Unchained which comes out on Christmas Day. I’m looking forward to see what else Quentin Tarantino has up his sleeve in terms of the “spaghetti western” action stuff he’s been making waves on. Yep. The Kill Bill movies were a classic with gore, but with Django, might be a different story. What does Django Unchained have to do with a legendary classic like Alex Haley’s Roots? In terms of Black History and facing issues that were still talking about? Again, I’ll wait until Christmas.

I want to tell every single American in this country this. If you haven’t  seen any of the Miniseries of Roots, it’s time to go the stores or the Amazons to get that series NOW! If you haven’t heard of Roots (not the music group The Roots) but ROOTS, you better pay attention. Not just because it’s a black movie. Actually, it does have a message in terms of struggle, sacrifice and also viewing a bad memory that continues to get exposure and talked about: Slavery. And also Struggle and  discrimination. If you have BET on your Cable or Satellite feeds, by now, you have been watching the mini series just now. If you’re on Twitter and tweeted about Roots and haven’t seen it, get on board. Right now. Ignore what the “critics” or the so-called comment tweets that have been blowing up, they don’t speak interests. What does speak interest is about the common issues that are really current even in the era of having a Black President. Yes, from the era of Kunta Kinte to the Chicken Georges, the New Generations of Roots Series’, and also the Queen movie, plus Mama Flora’s Family. There were parts of discrimination, being enslaved, blacks being called N****r alot from their white slave masters, lynchings and hangings, having them to showing their papers for proof (what does that remind you of, somethings like ID’s to vote perhaps? Or making folks forking over papers to see if they are “American?” I went there) black slave traders in working for the white slave masters, being able to see freedom after Lincoln, forcing their name changes to reflect civilized, and many other confronting issues of maintaining their stance of being black in America while facing continuously with the racism and having a barrier of injustice in which most civil rights leaders fought and busted down doors in which we, the black community must still continue to do!

Now why did I put “still continue to do?” Look around. I know the words, and sentences that might ring out, “oh we have a Black President now”, and this is on? I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama would see this along with everyone else in the country. Even though that Roots is on during the Holiday Season, that doesn’t matter. What does matter that the issue of race in America is still an on-going topic. Now here is a question: What do Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Alex Haley’s Roots Series have in common? One story has a time setting in England in a fictional sense in which a old miser like Ebenezer Scrooge who never gave a care about those around him except his job, and had a reality check about his ways in order to change. The other was based on real events beginning in Africa and having the lives changed through oppression, discrimination and extortion. Plus, there was a reality check about lessons learned.  Also, in Roots, the late Alex Haley summarized that his predecessors who were brought here were slaves but also were at the beginning cusp of the Underground Railroad. And guess which well known holiday that occurred? Christmas Day.  Don’t believe me, go get the miniseries. Now I know why BET is showing this around the holiday. Not because of Django. Or if those weren’t so busy tweeting negativity on Twitter so much, maybe those should stop TWEETING negativity so in order to watch the darn series. The Generation before me get this. My Generation X folks should and better understand. But those now, who are messed up or those that think they know it all in a sense per say, better get on board! Stop the slouching pants and the Bands that make her dance stuff and get with the program. Stop saying that Black History Month is racist, or filled with this oppression or propaganda of 28 days in Februrary (sometimes 29 days) and really channel in what is this thing is supposed to be about. And many others including of the cant’s, wont’s and unable talks because our people (black folks, or African-Americans) have fought so hard and endured too many! And we, African-Americans better stop of being lost of who we are and what we should be! That’s right I said it. Even to those born after 1990. I see your game, but are you really playing it based on the history? If we can get crunk on TI’s new joint, why not get crunk on the history of our own people? I’m just saying. Crunk that!

Of all the things that are on BET right now, I’m glad that Roots is being shown on the channel. Yeah, after the Miniseries goes off, some of us will go back watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta or some other reality shows that most will find “trashful”. Or worrying about Lil’ Wayne’s new single, or when Psy might to the Gangham Style Dance on 106 & Park with Bow Wow,  or how many awards would 2 Chainz get in order to be the greatest since 2pac. Or voicing the liberties on Facebook in a private politics group. Or……. you get the idea. Yeah, America is a great nation. BUT…like the old saying goes. You never know were you’re going (and I say this to all folks)  until you know where you have been.  So yeah, Django Unchained is coming out. No doubt about it. Nothing against Jamie Foxx , Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, nor Kerry Washington. I like them all as actors blowing up in the game. And unlike Spike Lee, nothing against Quentin Tarantino doing his thing.  One more thing, about this beef between Spike and Quentin, this has been shown before, so it’s nothing new. But before that, review Roots first! Either on TV or the DVD’s. Like T.J. Holmes says: “You can go to bed now. But don’t sleep!”


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