My Take: The NRA is Full of it! – Blaming Video Games for school shootings? Really?!

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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I’m going in on my commentary on this. The NRA. National Rifle Association of America.

I, like many others have heard what the Organization said in regarding the school shootings that happened in Connecticut. No question, yet again that incident of killing young children in a style that is horrifying is beyond belief of painful. Lord know that that pain that the families are going through will find a way to solve the case that this country is still trying to solve about the use, accountability and RESPONSIBILITY of weapons.

Now I probably should say that many of you may not agree what I am about to say in regarding the commentary of the NRA’s viewpoint of the reasons why the violence with guns against the innocent exists. We all seen it. Either on TV or on YouTube. The part of that in which the blame was put on the table. Part of that was talking about video games. Let me begin by saying that Video Games have been shooting around for many years. Those of us who are Generation X, remember the old Atari Games of Asteroids, Combat, Chopper Command, Missile Command, and other shooting games that shoot and kill for points? Remember those days? Now the reason I’m bring this up (for those who are Gen Y and the Millennial babies, pay attention)  we played them for fun. Not to start up a war between neighbors or those we went to school with. And also, we didn’t play those games to inflict violence on ANYONE! That wasn’t never heard of. That’s like saying you never got killed over playing Pac-Man or Yars Revenge. Never seen it! If you are a 70’s baby like me and grew up in the 80’s when Atari, and later on Nintendo and Sega came along, it was just innocent. Just cool. And in my opinion, I think my Generation was the last “video game playing” generation that had fun doing this. Along with other things like playing outside.

But then came the 90’s. This is where the Mortal Kombats came in. Now I will admit, Mortal Kombat came in as a hot game. Everybody in the hood wanted that. Even me. I played it and had fun doing it. But again, it made not to go out to proclaim of finishing off a hater with a spear to a guys head. Not me. Oh, did I mention about the ratings system on the games? We all know about the 2000’s – Call of Duty, Halo, and many others. And in sense of that, even though I played or viewed the games, they didn’t make me to go out to the scenes in the real world and make a violent melee on folks. Now why I’m saying this? It’s all about PARENTS who kept me grounded since day one. Recently, my parents just celebrated their 43rd Wedding Anniversary. (yeah, give it up. And plus their marriage lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s messy short marriages.) And in their 43 years in my 36 years of life, they taught me about reality and truth. In regarding video games, same thing. This is where the grounded game has to begin and continue to establish in the house. Oh wait. Not everyone has this. It’s because some of the NOW parents don’t get it. I said some, not all. I see alot of that. I see alot of the some of the NOW parents going into Gamestop buying the M-Rated games for their 12 year old sons. Really? We need to talk America! They are NOT grown!

However in regarding the blame on video games with violence, it’s crap. There was violence before video games came in, before rap music (which really doesn’t create violence), before reality TV, or anything before the most believe that is realistically considered dangerous. Partially with the commentary that Wayne LaPierre claims is false. The makers of the games I think don’t make violence. What makes violence we ask? Violence. There were violent times in Biblical, Slavery, War Conflicts, and even around the Christmas Holiday. And were still fighting.

Now I’m not advocating Pro-Free Speech or Pro-Right to Bear Arms. I’m really advocating PRO- Accountability, Pro-Responsibility and the PRO-USE of these rights. And speaking of which, we all know that the NRA did in fact funded Republican contenders for their races recently. And here in Wisconsin, for Scott Walker. Try 800 Million Dollars. So now the still Governor wants to help those with the mental illnesses? What about the Guns portion, as new democrat lawmaker Mandela Barnes, said recently in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

And about the use of Armed Guards in Schools? I think that’s a bad call. Sorry. I just think that piles on the look of violence on the students. But I know from many that what they see almost everyday. Just my opinion.


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