Now this is a petition that I want to sign

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, Local, News and politics
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This is my Alma Mater John Marshall High School (now Samuel Morse-John Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented)  in Milwaukee, WI with the American flag in half mast in sympathy for the Newtown, CT victims.

In continuing with my commentary of the Newtown Connecticut Tragedy, most already know that the funerals of the young children and some adults have been started. I am still outraged and also shocked that this incident happened. Plus I’m still asking the questions of accountability and responsibility. Now I know there might be a question lingering on this, that if I’m concerned about the acts that happened in Newtown, how come I’m sleeping on Wisconsin, or my home city of Milwaukee? I mean the city has problems of violence also. Well I did commented the Sikh Temple Shooting and the Azana Salon Shooting. And yes I did comment the shootings in Milwaukee previously that are inner city connected. So, I am not neglecting my home city. Case in point.

Just recently, the White House’s We The People Website unveiled a petition in regarding the current dilemma:  “Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.”

For those who want to read the petition, here is the link to the site. So far this has surpassed the 25,000 mark of signatures already since the tragedy started. Now if we, the American People can have over 25,000 signatures, we need over 25,000 plus voices to tell those NO MORE!

Wake up, America!

Want to be a proud bunch of our freedoms and independence? Then have the RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure it. No more hiding, Americans. Get to work. And this needs NO partisan work. Lay the partisan stuff down and do the job.


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