Seriously? Football is more Important than the Newtown Tradegy? I got to say something on that.

Posted: December 16, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics, Sports
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Let me unleash something what I am about to say. Yes, in the continuation of my commentary of the Newtown Tragedy, I am going to go off on a column that I read on Facebook recently. And no, Facebook is not to blame in all of this. This was recently published on the website in which folks in Alabama weren’t very pleased that the football games on Sunday Night were interrupted when President Obama spoke about the victims who were perished this past Friday.

This was the article, and I edited the words for those who would not be offended, “Take That N****r Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!”: Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football” Really.  Who in the living hell said this?! It’s not a surprise that there are those who hate the President. But yelling at the screen calling him the N-word while trying to watch football is not going to make things better. I kept saying this, ever SINCE President Obama came into office, oh yes the hate has risen. And for those who still think that Obama is the cause of this recent racism, you and the Ann Coulters of the world are just punks in the same wooden peg. Even though the link has been picked up on the deadspin blog, but the original story goes back to the newspaper site where some Division II Football Players (in a sense) typed the tweets just to show some hatred on the 44th President all because this tragedy interrupted the Football games. PATHETIC!

Oh, and the hatred of African-Americans still rises.

So there are those who “really think” that the Football games are more important than the children and adults in Newtown Connecticut were shot and killed under the national tragedy? They really think that’s the case? Well you what, I watched football today between the Green Bay Packers vs. the Chicago Bears in their NFL Old School Rivalry Series of 100+ Games. Even those that the Packers won and were crowned the NFC North Division Title (Sorry Chicago Bears it had to be done YET AGAIN, and Brandon Marshall) that game wasn’t just as important of what had happened in Newtown. Other football players like NY Giants’ Victor Cruz expressed his concerns also. Yes, these are pros playing for lots of money, but they also realized that their games aren’t that important than the shootings in a elementary school that killed innocent children.

But to the haters, I have two words: YOU SUCK! – Literally.

If this were a church service on a real tip, your pastors would tell you that Football is not going to get you into heaven! I’ll bet the so-called residents of Alabama who like to express their freedom of speech behind the smartphones or computers are likable heroes. Those “heroes” are just dumb cowards, racists and punks. And I dare say: TRASH! I’ve been saying this since the MyFoxMilwaukee Blog days and I’m saying here: ONCE AGAIN – If you don’t like Obama, don’t talk about him. PERIOD! And if you think that your favorite teams on Sundays are going to save you, you got another thing coming! Aaron Rodgers and many others will play, but will they see you on the operating table? NO! I like looking at the Packers and other stuff too, but that will NEVER get you beyond the heavenly gates! The President himself is a Chicago Bears fan. We know this. But he knows that the Bears will not get him “peace in the valley”. One of my favorite national columnist Roland Martin is die hard Houston Texas fan. I see him on twitter with the Bulls on Parades and his infamous “Touchdown Houston Texans! ” tweets. But the Texans plus his Fraternity Alpha Ph Alpha, will not be heaven bound. Whoever said that racist mess on Twitter must be a joke! And those who probably chimed in on that conversation, are a JOKE also! I’m calling them out of being accountable. Even though you may not like President Obama in general, but he is STILL the President. And even though you or others may not like him, but his remarks of the Newtown tragedies are spot on. Note to the haters by the way.

That right there, is much more common sense than having no common sense. Which America must get back.


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