My Take: I have question about the use of weapons. Plus those who are proud gun owners, do you condone?

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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We saw or probably heard about the shooting that took place today in Connecticut. This is another senseless shooting in which I think will open more dialogue in which “what does it mean to have accountability and responsibility when using a firearm”. Personally, today’s shooting on a elementary school campus is nothing more than a cowardly act of stupidity and mind issues.  Right now, I’m going to vent and later, I’m going to pray.

Seriously, America: What is going here?! We got all these freedoms and independence that those before fought and started, and this comes up. I was blowing up on Twitter earlier today about commenting about putting the guns down! I mean this. This past year there has been shootings in Colorado during the showing of the Dark Knight Rises, my home-state of Wisconsin with the Sikh Temple and the Azana Salon, now recently with shopping mall in Oregon and now adding a elementary school in Connecticut.

I really want to know what is the motive? This motive is sickening. You a get a 24 year old man, who should have been studying his books in college or working part time, getting a .223 Caliber Rifle and shooting his parents, and opening fire on innocent children who in my view shouldn’t deserve that notion of being dead! We hear a multiple times really from the old folks that “you shouldn’t bury your kids.”

I read about how black folks kill with guns bit by bit in the hood, per say. But with this guy, and many like him a mass shooting. What is the motive, I’m sorry. WHAT IS THE *&*(&(&( MOTIVE?!!!!!  Now I want the gun touting Americans who went to the gun stores in distress to buy up every bullet or gun the establishment, and having this “fear” of Obama is going to take way their guns.  Those who went to those Concealed Carry Weapons Classes and voted to have the doctrine laws per say, having signs displaying with fear that says like “I am Gun Owner”, or liking photos of people or an individualism waving the American Flag while carrying a rifle, or those who are proudly carry the NRA cards, I have a simple question: Do you condone the actions of the acts today? Now before you answer that, don’t try to make jokes nor comment to disrespect. This is not the time nor the place for this. Keep in mind that children were hurt and or died in this incident. These are the children who probably would never see another birthday. Heck I’ve celebrated number 36 this month and yes I’m blessed to be living now. The holidays are here but what about the empty chair for Christmas, or that replacement candle for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Or those presents that was supposed to be for one of those who were killed no matter if they were kids or adults? I ask again: Do YOU, the so-called proud gun owners condone the acts today?

Now if those that are real gun owners, and do pride that with accountability/responsibility, I’ll give you a pass. But those who aren’t, I am talking directly at you! I want to know. Do you condone the actions? Yes or No?!!!

Everyone expressed their concerns today, including a tearful President Obama. Now I can hear this now. The President goes in front of the nation gives a reaction, and tears up. Is this the man who should have saved Susan Rice or getting the economy back in order, etc? You know what, I’m going to comment that. I saw the side of the President that I never saw. He was feeling the pain.Yes, the President or the POTUS was feeling sympathy because he himself is a parent. How would he feel if he and the FLOTUS were to react if Sasha and or Malia were in the same boat of those who were victimized?  How would Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden would have felt if their grandchildren were in the same boat of being victimized ? Many of you or some you probably have kids right now reading this blog and I know that they are probably are going to YOU as grownup and asking why. Now I don’t have kids. But if I did, I would be venting like hell and call out every single “so-called Gun Owner”  who likes to follow the 2nd Amendment like a school schedule and prance around it. Again, yeah America is rocking with freedom thing, but the country better rock even more with accountability and responsibility!

No child should not have this in their lives. I recalled long ago by listening to and there was a question about safety nets. I ask everyone: Where are the safety nets? Seriously, we’ve checked the churches, schools, malls, movie theaters, parks, parties, clubs, neighborhoods, suburbs, district areas, county lines, and many others and all those areas have had an incident of gun violence. We know this! But seriously, it’s time to PUT THE GUNS DOWN NOW!

Folks complaining at the media, about having children being interviewed of what just happened. Well, I don’t know about that. If we the grown-folks who don’t hear what’s going on in the minds of children, then we have failed. When I was growing up, I didn’t experience gun violence in elementary school. But in the times of change with who doing what or what ever, they are going to talk. Just like with 9/11 and the kids of then who are now Teens probably had those talks about the planes hurled into the buildings and asking their parents after looking at the replays “is it happening again?” I see that same thing happening with this. They may be shielded from this now, but in the next 20 years, guess what, they might look that up and asking why did that 24-year-old killed his parents, some of our classmates and adults and killed himself. Just wait they might do it.

When church comes on Sunday, every pastor will be referencing the incident in some form or fashion. Someone from your congregation will speak up about it. Or someone watching the football game will start with a prayer and enjoy the game. But I felt I really to vent a little because this is an on-going issue that must come to a screeching halt!


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