Susan Rice drops out of the Secretary of State Race. Who should we really thank? – Oh the Republicans. Thank You.

Posted: December 13, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just today, the GOP got their wish in a harsh way. UN Ambassador Susan Rice drops out of the race in attempt to become a potential nominee for Secretary of State to take over for  Hillary Clinton. This all comes to part in relation to the Benghazi Attack partially that took place previously. The same Benghazi attack in which had the GOP in front and center on Fox News. Pathetic. What’s really pathetic that another successful Black woman like Susan Rice was targeted yet again so many times. What is up with these old GOP White Folks, and one White Woman who was part of the of the “witch hunt” that does not like to see black folks like Susan Rice leading things like a secretary of state position? Is John McCain still bitter that he lost to Obama like 4 years ago? Keep in mind also that the intelligence was at fault and Susan Rice was not vital of the dilemma.

This week alone has been a resigning and firing of blacks because of hair, and now being qualified potentially for a job in the Secretary of State. Technically, this is nothing new. And to allow this to happen yet again really puts America in a state of denial all because this credo that the country should be about equality and the land of opportunity. By now. Most of us realize it’s a load of crap. I’m saying this as a American. Mainly, An African-American male of 36 years. Yes, I’m still saying African-American. So what! Most say that were in a “post racial society”. I call B.S. on that! If that’s the case, then why racial profiling, not hiring blacks for well qualified positions, and many others that are deemed alive? It’s time to talk!

I for one think that Susan Rice would have been a potential and positive candidate for the gig. Not just because she’s black. Well educated. Brought up in a good background of values. And most don’t like that. No….We need those who are bigoted, spearhead with jealously and I may add have to use the “service card” to propel the opportunity. We heard of the Race Card, Gender card, now Service Card. Now, I’m not against anyone who served or are serving in the Military. I got family members and friends who served and they served well. And still serving. Not against that. But what I don’t appreciate is the same folks morely on the right and I said this before, that using that should not give you a pass. I mean look, I didn’t serve. But I’m not going to use my educational ideals of experience to get a pass. They say we should be fair about it, but I don’t know. Sen. McCain used that alot in the 2008 Election and still lost! Just a reminder, the folks who criticized her, weren’t these the same folks who thought that the WMD’s were in Iraq and also lied about that? Plus taking the eye off the ball of going after Bin Laden, I wonder who kept that ship going to NOWHERE? Hint, we just had the guy and some of the Rice haters were on the that guy’s team who agreed with him 95% of the time! Take a wild guess.

Senators John McCain/Lindsey Graham, and this Rep. Kelly Ayotte chick need to stop. If the “hidden decision” effects the Susan Rice decision to step down, then they need to step out! 2014 is nearing if you like the idea.

Also today, Donna Brazile Blasts Opponents Of Ambassador Rice (VIDEO), and she was on point.  And like most in the black community, she did not hold back nothing.


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