My Take: The Milwaukee Fire/Police Commission angle and plus, Alderman Bob Donovan should “CHILL OUT!”

Posted: December 11, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local
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I haven’t commented this story out of Milwaukee, but I have been following it as usual. This is in regards to the recent events of the Milwaukee Fire/Police Commission in regarding the now former Milwaukee Police Officer, Richard Schoen. For those who don’t know, he’s the Milwaukee Police Officer who was in the hot seat in beating a black woman in a squad car. The woman, Jeanine Tracy was arrested in September 2011 after an incident near a traffic stop. But the story escalates in a graphic manner. This incident is also comes off the heels of the Derek Williams case which was extremely horrifying. I’ll bet every one of you in and outside of Milwaukee had to see the video in disgust!

Further in the video, Jeneane was complaining that her legs were in pain, and the officer came in to grab her out of the squad car, while punching her to take her into custody.

Let me say that last part again: the officer came in to grab her out of the squad car, while punching her to take into custody. – Just a warning, this video is graphic.

And to add, the officer was previously reinstated while incident was examined.


That has mostly has been the story in Milwaukee thus far. As usual also there were protests. Mainly coming after Police Chief Ed Flynn and of course Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Those who were against the protests were coming from the comments of Alderman Bob Donovan, who previously was against Mayor Barrett’s plans for the Milwaukee Streetcar, blasted the protesters as a “mob”. Really Bob Donovan? A Mob?!!!!

I want to say to those who are thinking becoming police officers, sheriff deputies, federal marshals,  or any other profession in life to have for family, yourself, and community.

Just because you wear the badge does not make you God Almighty!

Just because you wear the badge, does not make you better than me! You’re just human like average citizens!

I’m going there. I’ve seen this too long, and to those who are against of what I just said, maybe you need to examine that from another angle and ask yourself what’s the point? Just like those who go onto the Journal Sentinel comment sections and just blasting their liberties without understanding the gist of it. Especially this one commenter who calls himself “Milwaukee expatriate”  He, she or it comments and says: “Out of towner. Just read about this and watched the video. She is a piece of human excrement. He should have hit her harder.” EXCUSE ME?! This commenter needs to be banned! How would this person feel if his wife, daughter, aunt, Grandmother, or any other female counterpart would have been beaten like that? Explain that! I bet that person can’t even explain that notion. And by the way those like this commenter needs to be called out.

I’m not calling police officers bad folks. I have some in my family who serve and protect well. However, what I don’t respect is those who have the badge and abuse it with power. That is no excuse. For the first time in 100 years, the Milwaukee Fire/Police Commission made a choice to terminate Officer Richard Schoen by stripping him of his job in his hainus act of abuse of power. That’s all it was. When you abuse your power of anything, it will suffer the consequence of your actions. Yeah, just like these preachers who abuse young boys, and they’re saying that there aren’t enough young men in church’s now? Uh-huh, I went there.

But getting back to Bob Donovan. Dude has a problem. He kept referring to the protesters who were at the City Meetings as a “mob”. Well you know what, there was a problem he dealt with around in the 1990’s. Refer to the link below:

Prepare to trip on this: Matter of fact for those who are “Grown and Mature” you may want to take the youngsters out of the room, or those that are younger, do not click this link!What are you about to see is a citation from 1992 in which the then-36-year-old Bob Donovan was frequently at UWM or we locals call it: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The situation was in the University’s Mitchell Hall in which Donovan was behind the walls either watching the men “doing their business” per say or wanting to have intercourse. Yes you read that right. Keep in mind this was 1992 and I was in freaking high school then. Donovan was arrested for disorderly conduct. So you can say he was “jerking out” in the words of Morris Day. And this is the same now Alderman that wants to get tough on crime. Well he better recognize his own demons by not calling those who were exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech. Those who were protesting the Fire and Police Commission weren’t “jerking out” like Bob Donovan was. They, like any other citizen were holding the officials accountable. Is that being “Citizen Enough?” Just saying. Hopefully now after the incident of Jeanine Tracy, she is glad that the officer who beaten her is no longer wearing the badge. But this should mark a lesson that no officer in any city, should not act like God, nor abuse their power! Period!


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