My Take: Domestic Violence and Suicides. Not a good combination.

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial
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Many of us woke up this morning about the recent death of Kansas City Linebacker Jovan Belcher. And also asking why would like him would take his girlfriend’s life of  Kasandra Perkins. Then, Jovan turns the gun on himself, and dies in the Kansas City Chiefs office. I need to ask this: Why? What is going on here? I had to post that to my Facebook audience today. Almost everyday I’m reading about those who have committed suicide in various forms. I had a former church member in Milwaukee, who was a young female of 16 years of age committed suicide over a boy. I kid you not. Now let me put this in the sentence, the young teen was Caucasian. Yes, my church had Caucasian members in the past during it’s 63 years.  But mostly African-American. But moving forward, this recent suicidal incident reminds me of a incident here in Wisconsin at a spa near Brookfield Square Mall, Azana.

Most of you probably heard about this. Or read it. OR maybe picked it up on Twitter or Facebook. And like in Kansas City, it’s the same scenario with a domestic violence dispute erupting and committing suicide. The person, Radcliffe Haughton had a several incidents with his wife, Zina Haugton and it was mostly a domestic violence dispute. Radcliffe, according to the Wisconsin Courts previously had run ins against the law, and yes he was a former U.S. Marine. The couple, like Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins did have children at the time of the deaths occurred and knowing the children, they are going to grow up more in life that they’re parents were killed unceremoniously. And not knowing them.  Again, I read about this almost everyday. And mostly it’s in the African-American communities in terms of trying to cope or in this case trying to figure out why this happened in the first place. Were there times in my life almost approaching 36 years in Milwaukee, that I had those times to check out? Possibly. I’m being open here. However, if that were to happen in a sense, what will the things or folks would do if I wasn’t there unceremoniously?

Morely, I do have folks that I go to just case. Family, Friends  Alumni, Church, and those acquainted  There were times I was down in the dumps in 2010, but I got back up like Joe Biden once said. Even though that maybe me saying this but I’ll bet alot of those who feel almost similar would probably understand or relate. Was this Jovan Belcher facing problems that his girlfriend, nor coaches or other family members had understood? Yes he was a linebacker being paid alot of money to play football, but that shouldn’t be a reason to himself check out.

Maybe what needs to happen on this World Aids Day, is a sense of understanding of why we or they go like that. And having a connect to understand and heal . This Jovan Belcher had a career ahead of him, and “poof”, gone. This is not really normal for me to write this, but then again, it’s one of those “stories” we have to pay attention too in order to understand them. Plus also find a cause to defuse it. Just recently, during the broadcast of Sunday Night Football, Bob Costas commented the story in his halftime break about the use gun control. And in some ways to reverse it for peaceful reasons. Many probably stood against of what Bob Costas said, but part of the gist of it, we have to work on. And that is nothing to be argued or commented about. Yes, I do know that the Right to Bear Arms is in the Constitution  I know. But like every other freedom of thing out there, yes it’s a right, but also a responsibility. Uh-huh. I said it.

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