Like or not, the Badgers are Rose Bowl bound, yet again.

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Sports
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Well this was an interesting NCAA Football Season in the Big Ten. Many thought that the Wisconsin Badgers had their last legs in trying to get back to the normalcy of winning ways in the conference. But if anyone hadn’t paid attention to the recent Big Ten Championship this past Saturday, they were in it and won. But here’s the big question that most are asking: How in the holy you know what, Wisconsin got in on this? They had lost 5 games and two of them were in Overtime. Well, for those who haven’t been paying attention, here’s how it went down from my view. Two of the teams in the Big Ten Leaders Division were post bowl ineligible  Do you know who they were? One was Penn State as most know that they are barred from playing in the Bowl Games due to the Sandusky scandal. And also: I’ll give you a hint. They went undefeated. The 12-0 Ohio State Buckeyes. These two teams that defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in Overtime are the same two teams that well……. aren’t’ going anywhere. Now for the Ohio State Buckeyes in getting those 12-0 victories, I’ll say they were playing for pride. And for Penn State, also for Pride, but in an attempt to seek redemption of their previously controversial dilemmas. So basically they are out because of what their ball clubs did wrong! And so with Wisconsin being as a “runner up”, makes them controlling their own destiny. Yes, Big Ten folks, the Wisconsin Badgers now won 3 Big Ten Championships. And what was the score? 70-31? OVER NEBRASKA? The very same Nebraska that were taught a lesson last year in coming to the Big Ten. Um note to Maryland and Rutgers, I hope you’re paying attention!  This is how the Big Ten Rolls. Just a FYI.

Now I’ve been reading over the internet, from Facebook to of all sources, Instagram, the comments were ranging from “oh, the Wisconsin Badgers are the worst team to play in the Rose Bowl.” I’ve heard that before like 1999. And guess what, the Badgers went to the Rose Bowl and won it. With Ron Dayne of course. So yeah I’ve heard that before. But this time it’s different. There are those who say that Bret Bielema has what it takes to get to the Rose Bowl, but he hasn’t won the big one. I said it earlier in the year that the Badgers not have to make it to the Rose Bowl, but they have to win it! After the losses of TCU and Oregon, now against Stanford, what now?

Don’t get the Badgers wrong, they are a good team. I’ll say it without question since 1993. They’re offensive line that was just revamped recently with the Wildcat plays were all about quickness. Now after that Oregon loss in the Rose Bowl of 2012, I said it myself. The Badgers must have a “change in culture.” Sort of like the USA Men’s Basketball Team after getting the Bronze Medal in 2004. Yep, even the big guns have to change. And they proved it twice with Gold Medals of 2008 and 2012. Well since the Badgers are using the WildCat/Barge Offense Plays now, that traditional running the football has been revamped. Technically that was always “Traditional” Wisconsin Football by running the ball. Then of course the passing plays, special teams, and defense came along.Yeah, I know that Devin Smith got popped in a special team play, but most forgot that Chris Borland gave  Taylor Martinez  a “badgerslam” in the second half. Find it on YouTube, its on there.

What were some of  my “twitter” reactions to the game?

  • Let’s see if the #Badgers can snatch up another Rose Bowl trip.
  • Dang, I get back and the teams scored quick. And it’s the first quarter? Wow! #Badgers
  • Man, the #Badgers are straight gangsta tonight. OMG!!#B1GChampionship.
  • Borland with a takedown on Martinez. #Badgers
  • #Huskers scored again. Doesn’t matter at this point. #Badgers got the game locked. #B1GChampionship
  • Big. Ten. Champs. AGAIN. Throw up the \/\/’s! #Badgers!

Now, we’ll wait and see if possible (and I do mean IF possible if the Badgers can break their slump of getting a Rose Bowl Win on New Year’s Day 2013. Don’t forget, the last time the Badgers beat Stanford was January 1st, 2000 and it was in a Rose Bowl.  The score: 17-9 and Ron Dayne was the MVP.


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