My Take on the Susan Rice/John McCain -Lindsey Graham Angle and why it should fail now.

Posted: November 29, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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I did say that I was going to comment on this angle between UN Ambassador Susan Rice and the angles she is facing with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Personally, this is nothing more than a smear barrier of not letting black women like her in higher positions per say. And I dare add, just couldn’t get over once again: Obama Won and Romney Lost. Sen. McCain should know better that he lost against Obama four years ago. Can he move on? And as far a Graham, I don’t know why he’s opening his mouth in opposite of Susan Rice also.

I’ve been reading the comments, stories about Sen. McCain thinks that Ambassador Rice is not qualified. As in what, like him? Please. This is the same Sen. McCain had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate, who still feels that she can see Russia from her house. And personally, she wasn’t well “all that” four years ago.

Just to clarification: Here’s the bio facts on Ambassador Rice from the USUN website. Ranging from graduating from Stanford University, Oxford (YES Oxford University) where she was a Rhodes Scholar, Served under the Clinton Administration as a Special Assistant, Senior Director of African Affairs under the National Security Council in The White House. And many others.

So after that short summary, and Sen. McCain believes that she is not bright eh? In addition to that, the whole thing with the Benghazi attacks. In which the intelligence (not the Obama Administration) was faltered.  And what Ambassador Rice presented, in terms of talking points that were vital, helped to prove that. So all the talk about the “lies” that most thought Obama did per say, can be thrown out.  And plus, I liked the way that the President did comment to those like Sen. McCain, Sen. Graham and others who oppose Ambassador Rice that if you have problem with her you go after him. Barack Obama IS the President. Period.

What also gets me that there were those who felt the Benghazi attacks were personal from a “Republican fan base side of things”, acted like they knew the four Americans were killed. None of us knew the names of the men were killed in the attacks. Except for those who were family members, or acquaintances. So that fan base can be closed up now like all those so-called cover ups that most were thinking. As the President said during the campaign: Check the transcript.

In the words of the Twitter folks: *DEAD*

And Sen. McCain said that he would do everything in his power to prevent the nomination of Susan Rice from happening during the next wave of cabinet members of the President’s Second Term. Oh Really. According to the U.S. Constitution, the President as we know will have a list of names selected, then it goes to the Senate.  During that, it takes the whole Senate (not John McCain by himself) to help nominate a new U.S. Secretary of State. Once that is processed as a team, it goes to the President for final approval of the pick.

If Ambassador Susan Rice is officially picked as the Secretary of State, with all the hoopla that Senators McCain and Graham have been doing, the back talk of the  so-called “Benghazi-gate” thing will be nothing more than a false talk of words. But if she’s not the nomination pick, direct opposite.





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