We know that today that “Girl on Fire” is out in stores. Don’t worry, I’ll get my copy. But on the eve while we were doing our thing, most of us probably paid attention to the Empire State Building with the LED Lights flashing to her songs, Girl on Fire and Empire State of Mind.

Speaking of which – the New York Skyscraper already flashed the lights in a different fashion when President Barack Obama retained the seat on Election night. Just a note: it was mostly blue.

My reaction: I’m not a New Yorker, but I’ll say that music/lights thing is very interesting. What a way to pump up the city. Bold prediction: I think every city in America will sample that music/LED syncopation thing for their legendary buildings. We also know, and it’s vital that the international buildings in other countries are already doing this.

For example: Take a look at this clip. You may remember the song “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” from Kill Bill Vol. 1. Notice the music and the lights in syncopation.

Yes, America is “catching up” sort of speak. Could Milwaukee have that on the Hyatt Hotel, the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Potawatomi Bingo Casino, the U.S. Bank Building, the old 600 West Wisconsin Avenue building, or the old Wisconsin Gas Building Downtown with the blue flame on top? – Ask anyone in Milwaukee about that. And as I was reading the various articles, whenever someone or something comes along, – Hate.  Maybe in respect, I think Alicia Keys respects the building as she written about in her music. I have a simple question for all those haters, no matter if it’s on Facebook, Time Magazine, Huffington Post or etc: What have you done?!  I ask again: What have you done?? Ponder that.

Then again, everybody has an opinion.  No matter how absent minded or not.

Well, we know this: Anything is possible. Oh, in closing: Mad respect to the NYC for those who made it happen.


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