Today, we Americans have celebrated another Thanksgiving Holiday. A day to set aside differences and actually try to come together to give thanks of who we are, what we did, and more. Every single year around this time, I write the “Be Thankful” blogs for simple reasons. Really it’s all about being thankful for the things we have and things yet to be. No matter if it’s staying single, (like me) getting married, or working, seeking to work. going to church for finding a church home, or many other things that most do comment or share. So yes, even though Thanksgiving is only once a year, every November around the fourth Thursday, we should also be thankful for the things we do everyday.

Now I know about the next thing I’m going to write. And alot of you already have declared that you may not or have decided not to celebrate. I think I know why. It had to do with the murder of the Native Americans sometime after the Pilgrims landed in the country. 10 years ago, I was taking a course of U.S. History at Milwaukee Area Technical College, and in the course, a subject came up about Thanksgiving. The teacher asked “what do you know about the first Thanksgiving?’ I remember answering, the Pilgrims, Indians and the first dinner. Basically what I have learned before, so far. But the teacher had also added another piece of the history that I never knew. A Sunday morning, after a church service the Indians were shot, and that somewhat set off the first Thanksgiving as being hurtful for the Native Americans. I like many others who was lectured about that incident, was like, For real?!!! Here, I was like; wait a minute. You mean to tell me, that Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November, a day to feast, and watch/play football is also a day or occasion that some of the Native Americans were killed at the time? And those today, detest that?

That was my initial thought.

For the Native American folks, I feel your pain. I feel your pain of what happened  with your predecessors at that time. You have every right to complain. Where as me, has a right to complain about slavery, and how blacks and those others like them were in shackles and chains. Being forcefully drifted from the motherland of Africa to the Eastern part of the United States like Jamestown, Virginia. And I know that other folks have or had said  currently “Get over it.” It didn’t happen to you. Yes we made it, but never forget the pain that has contradicted in preceding the incidents of the past.

Many of us who study history, we know the history we currently summarize from memory, but like everything else, there is always another element that needs to be recognized no matter how dark or controversial it may be. So, I understand. I also understand that everyone is different. Most believe that “Black History Month” is full of propaganda or racist. Oh, really? Black History Month was founded in 1926 at a time when the stories of African-Americans weren’t recorded in American History. Remember I wrote a blog about that back in February. And Dr. Carter Woodson’s vision of having this was to tell the world that Black folks made a difference also. Not just in America, but also the world. And for those forgotten, Blacks BUILT the White House! When I celebrate Thanksgiving. In General mind you. I celebrate it for the positive reasons. The same with the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and any other American Holiday the same way. Plus, Christmas, Easter and others annual holidays and events. This also includes Black History Month. So Thanksgiving has came and went for 2012. And yes, the positiveness has once again endured every American soul with the same ol’ question: What are you thankful for?

And by the way: for the black folks, check out the article from TheGrio, called “Native American roots in Black America run deep.” My reason being, because some of us should know that we have Indian in our family. Check it out.


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