Just when I thought I was not going to write these anymore. But……..guess what. I’m going to be doing more of these with the current issues that effects Wisconsin.  Believe me, they will be just as hard hitting and sharp as the previous blogs I’ve done.

Now that being said. In the current recent events this centers around same day voter registration. And guess who in Wisconsin wants to get rid of it. Oh, wait for it. It’s Scott Walker. He wants to do away with the Same Day Voter Registration Option. For those peaking in and asking why, it’s because of the recent 87% of Milwaukeeans that came out and voted. If you are one of the 87% that came out to vote in Milwaukee – THANK YOU! That record of 87% broke the old record from 4 years which was around 80%. Also YET AGAIN: Obama won. Simple. And the governor was so “concerned” in regarding the retirees who worked for years and years during the 13 hours that he felt the they can’t hack the crowds that come into the polls. Lot of folks are saying that the election commissions should look for more poll workers. Really YOUNGER poll workers. Those who are more enthused, technological, brilliant, dedicated no matter a full day or half day, and those who can help make a difference. And the fear of that in parts comes from again trying to suppress the votes, in regarding the African-American and Latino Voters. Just a reference, according to the Census, Wisconsin’s African-American Population is 6.5% while the Hispanic American Population is around 6.1%

For the history buffs, Same Day Voter Registration has been around since the year I came into the world, 1976. Yep. It will be 36 years for that and me. However for this guy wanting to strip it, is like a slap in a face. So you can say that Scott Walker may seem like a guy but does not respect Important Wisconsin Traditions! I went there.  Now there might be some who disagree, and that fine, but still mostly who wanted Walker originally gone in my view, the same. Don’t forget, Scott Walker is the same guy who wanted to do away with most of the collective bargaining rights, and the high speed rail from Milwaukee to Madison. Plus, having that goal of making 250,000 jobs.

NOTE to the Walker Fans: What is the job count right now in Wisconsin?  Mainly also in Milwaukee? Don’t Google, nor ask your Republican Facebook/Google+/Twitter/MySpace/social media folks.

Walker wanted to say this in all places, the Ronald Reagan Library in California. Now I don’t have nothing against the library in California. Will visit if a chance. But why California, I’ll never know.  He also should know that when 2013 comes, to me that would a warning that the Democratic side will start to choose their candidates for the Governor’s chair in Madison. Let me also add a stipulation: The Democrats of Wisconsin must select a STRONG CANDIDATE in order to measure up and beat Scott Walker at his own game. That’s how I see it. The keywords are DEMOCRATIC WISCONSIN STRONG CANDIDATE. And the same can be for those who are “Independent and strong”, could run and stand up against Walker.

Just recently, one of the former aides of Scott Walker during his County Executive Days, Kelly M. Rindfleisch, age 44, was recently sentenced to 6 months in jail, and additional 3 months probation. She like Walker and countless others campaigned on County time in order to get Walker elected as governor. Which is against the rules. If you work in a government building like the Milwaukee Country Courthouse, it is against the rules (as a government employee) that you cant engage your vote while working in a government related working place.  It’s ok to nod your head I think.

Just a heads up, a petition is being circulated around Facebook courtesy of One Wisconsin Now in order to tell the Governor no to ending Same Day Voter Registration. Do a search. One more thing I do want to add, those who try to suppress the vote is asking for trouble.

The Civil Rights Era fought against this and it should stay held at bay!


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