Oh the Twinkies icon.

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Favorites, Organizations
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Yes. I know. The Twinkies/Hostess Era seems to be on the last legs. Matter of fact it is on the last legs. Now from what I’ve been hearing about the reasons why is the fault of the Unions, or the Union Backers. Partially the most that should be the fault on the Corporations or the CEO’s . I say that because it usually is in terms of high structure.  It’s like when a football team per say loses the game, who does the blame usually goes to? Usually – the head coach. So in this case, the head coach of the Company is at fault in which the 18,000+ jobs are being eliminated due to this. And a far as unions are concerned, most folks believe that the unions are the bad seed of the nation. But don’t forget: if it haven’t been for unions, there wouldn’t be those 40 hour work weeks, vacation pay, holiday pay and many others that most POLITICALLY don’t usually understand. But they better understand.

Now since the Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Suzy Q’s, and many others by the Hostess Company may be reaching the end in America, this is where I have to bust out and comment. If those of us who really bought the last stacks of these things with admiration, where was all of this before it?  I’m just saying it’s like when Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson died, most of us got back into their music and videos with love, but showed a little of it when they were living, oh, and also those scandals too. Yeah, we remember those. Many of us still got those soundbytes at home stored up for memory. However for the Twinkies, they were and are not going to get you into heaven. I’ve seen reports and even Ebay ads about individuals selling them for more than they bought in the store. I mean, paying about $2,000.00+ for a box of Twinkies is I hate to say this, is ridiculous. I mean, who in their mind would go on Ebay and pay 2 Grand for snacks? I know if those have the money they would go and spend it. I mean that 2,000 dollars can be useful for car payments or paying your last cell phone bill. I’m just saying.

Well, I want to say this: Yes, the Twinkies have been a staple of snacks in our lunches, dinners, food stashes, late night cravings, parties, church functions, joys, concerns, congratulations of promotions, or just that extra snack to get from the corner store, Walgreens, Walmart, Pick N Save, Roundy’s or a vending machine, the Twinkies will always be remembered just like the other snacks that Hostess has been serving us since it’s started. Now, it’s all ending due to corporate stuff. Now there might be talks that the food might resurrect with another company or division, but whatever happens, most folks will believe that supporting this product of food should have been a priority of  support, not just for the corporations, but also for the Unions, Supporters, and generally the American Public that actually gives a “you know what” for support. It’s like supporting your local products or causes.


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