Since the State of Maine this week is “blowing up” with their State’s GOP Chairperson, Charlie Webster was well…..“shocked” to see blacks voting on Election Day, which is now going viral in terms of now knowing that the fact, the “Whitest state in the Union” does have residents of color. Which was offensive in terms of the African-American voters in the state coming from the GOP Chairperson. Today, while most of us were at Holiday Parades in Milwaukee, or trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, Melissa Harris-Perry this morning interviewed Shay Stewart-Bouley, a Chicago born resident, that is a decade plus resident of the State of Maine, and she also writes the blog: “Black Girl in Maine.” So if you’ve missed it, click the link below and watch. Even though it’s a 5 minute interview, but still it’s worth tapping into.Plus, I do see her getting more interviews like on BET’s Don’t Sleep! or One of Roland Martin’s Shows and Appearances like Washington Watch, or the Tom Joyner Morning Show. And maybe Michael Baisden.

And would I visit Maine? On a urban tip, yes. Plus I would visit other states like New Hampshire, Vermont and others that don’t get that much play and to see more of the African-American population; In terms of knowledge.  Also, we all know that there are black folks everywhere in the United States. Even in the states that don’t really get most exposure like Wisconsin, California, Illinois and many others when it comes to known African American populations. And yes, Maine was one of the Blue Democratic States like Wisconsin voted to keep President Barack Obama for the next 4 years in the White House. Enjoy!

Maine GOP chair accuses black people of voter fraud


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