The Wackiest Stories of November 15th and they are Republican Related.

Posted: November 15, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics, Organizations
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Today, I needed to laugh. Really I had to. In the yet again wake of President Obama’s victory on November 6th, and also the Republican crew are still in denial that he won AGAIN, the story has gone from David Petraus’ affair to states seceding from the Union (which will not happen), the wackiness continued in terms of Blacks, Latinos, Young Voters getting “free gifts” and now: the two wackiest stories of the day in regarding the GOP’s from Georgia, and of all places in America: Maine.

For the GOP Georgia folks, oh this is a trip. Their top GOP Lawmakers had a briefing in regarding a Secret Obama mind controlling plot. HOLD THE PHONE. Seriously, Georgia?!! Mind control? Hypnosis still in effect? Let me go Walt Disney on this: “Bippity Boppity BOO!’ (insert laughter)

Seriously?!  My God! In this meeting, there were a bunch of lawmakers looking at a hour flick about Obama’s mind control. About  what may I ask? Getting a new Nintendo WiiU before Sunday? Forget about Seceding from the Union, some of these dudes need to be seceded from their everyday stuff and turn in a mental institution  Are the crazy houses open? I hope when Sunday comes: please go to church. Please ask God to come into your soul and restore you to normalcy to get America going again. And that goes for anyone else in the UNION that feels like this. Obviously this is one story I think that will make the crazy lists of 2012. Talk about political humor. And plus Obamacare does cure pre-existing conditions!

For this: shout out to the African American Brothers and Sisters in Maine. And for the record, I know and share the pain of getting asked “is there black people there?” Stuff. For me, I’m from Wisconsin and yes we do have black folks here. Mostly in the Southeastern part of the state. In an article, one of the Maine’s GOP head person believed that voter fraud was rapid in the state on election day all because many black people voted. Now, that is strange for one, and I know folks have already asked this: “There are black people in Maine?!!”

According to the Wikipedia stats, Maine’s black population is around 1.1%. The Census has the percentage around 1.3%. For the Wisconsin black folks, 6.5% . (Overall)

Maine’s largest city of Portland has 7.1% for blacks while the Ill-Mil of Milwaukee has around 33%.

The state capitol population for blacks in Augusta, Maine: 0.50%.  For Wisconsin’s capitol of Madison’s black population percentage: 7.07%

For the  electoral votes: Maine has 4 ;  Wisconsin has 10;  and both went for President Obama in the 2012 Election.

Yes, and I know that mostly by now that even though it’s a state that doesn’t get that much talked about, Maine does have black people. But for the GOP person wondering about the black folks living there and coming out to vote was strange and wacky. If he knew there were black folks living in Maine, persay, why did the person, Charlie Webster had to bring it up? On all days, Election Day? Really?

Yeah, I needed to laugh today. That hypnosis thing was crazy. And still the denial to the Republican right still lingers. And I think the result of that is the truth: Obama Won. Romney Lost. And the Inauguration is around the corner.

Just a note: Feel free to examine the black side of Maine by visiting these sites:

Black Girl In Maine:– I found this blog through another site, and also on Facebook.

Maine’s visible Black History

Wonkette: This is the site I looked at first with the black population of Maine. It’s really a blog. 


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