Wisconsin: we need to talk.

Just recently I stumbled onto the White House website in regarding the We The People website about “seceding from the Union”. And just up to date, there are 4,281 signatures in order to get the Badger State off the USA union list.

I have to say this as a resident of this state, and a resident of the largest city of Milwaukee: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? In case most of you residents of Wisconsin didn’t realize that the Election is over and Obama had repeated. I just want to add that you the 4,000+ folks who signed that petition are just pathetic residents who are still crying over the fact that Mitt Romney and I dare say Paul Ryan LOST! Get over it. Just admit that they got beat by a better competitor in the Obama/Biden Crew. And I’ll say this as an Obama Supporter, and part of the Re-Election Volunteer crew, I told you so. The President won fair and square with the Wisconsin 10 electoral votes, 332 Votes and over 50,000,000+ Popular votes.

It’s bad I had to read this on the WITI Fox 6 Facebook Page, filled with the “the Dear liberals, Obama supporters and yada, yada, yada stuff.” Don’t worry, I scanned it. Just another day of folks are just in denial that the white dudes of Romney/Ryan LOST. Just admit it. And now, you so-called residents who signed that petition want to secede from the union, like Texas and Louisiana. I’ll bet that those petitions WILL NOT PASS! The President will not allow it! What is Scott Walker saying in all of this? Probably nothing. Just like him as always. And I’ll bet many of you signed that petition or made it up, are probably just fans of his. As a resident of Wisconsin, I’m calling the folks by saying this below:

Stop it! You are embarrassing yourselves as Wisconsin residents, and furthermore: embarrassing America. And you call yourselves true Americans? MAN PLEASE!

Back in the MyFoxMilwaukee blog days, around four years ago this month, I remember saying this: If you don’t like Obama, don’t talk about him! What is so hard about that? You can display all the notes about the “Dear Liberals all you want”, but that won’t change a thing. It’s too late now. You are just mad because your presidential pick, LOST! In my humble opinion, Romney never cared as much anyway. And that includes Paul Ryan.

Plus also if you are one of those folks who signed that petition: You probably might lose all your privileges, like going to the Packers games or the Milwaukee Holiday Parade. Or anything that deals with Wisconsin/American related. Bill O’Reilly just said that the “Traditional America” is dead – via The Ed Show. Well I guess most of us voted last Tuesday, including the 90%+ of African Americans Voters like myself were just preparing the eulogy. And the burial is done! Like it says in the bible in the seven last words: It is finished. And no, I don’t see the President getting impeached for any other crap period. Those of you who work or study, would you impeach your African-American co-workers or classmates/students of trying to do something good? Just asking.

Those who have signed the petition in Wisconsin, as well as everywhere else: You have been called out to be accountable! In the words of others, America: Love it, or Leave it!


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