To the Veterans and Servicemen – Thank You!

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Celebrations, Editorial, Holiday
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Mad respect to our Military! If you are in uniform doing the job, keep putting the boots to the opposition.

  • Every bullet and gun you use – Thank you.
  • Every time you march and formation you do -Thank you.
  • Every time you showcase your display of service, events, sponsorships – Thank you.
  • Every time you keep watch 24/7 Thank you
  • Every time you drive Humvees, Boats, or any other vehicle that you operate – Thank you.
  • Every time you assist those in medical needs  – Thank You.

But when the nation calls you, for assistance, and many of us citizens may or may not understand your reasons why you enlisted, or actively serve near and far. In essence, as a citizen, and many others like me will say always: Thank you for your time, cooperation, and duty to back up America.

For the Veterans who have served, this day of November 11th is celebrated in honor of you. This day should also be honored everyday. Like those who served, we citizens may or may not understand your sacrificial time in uniform, but we thank you regardless.  And America should repay by helping you to find work, church, and many other things that are needy for your exchange of graditiude.

So Veterans of America: STAND UP! And always have the pride of  appreciation of generosity! And to those who are “future veterans” in terms of currently serving, your service is also appreciated and recognized.


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