If those who paid attention to this article, it was about a survey in which most Americans still have this negative viewpoint of Blacks in the country. According to the AP poll recently conducted at least 51% of Americans  who probably took the survey, did reacted that they, or that group still view Blacks a problem in the country. Slightly higher from 2008. What is my take on this? I’m not surprised  Not one bit. Usually we African-Americans are “carefully watched”. Either on the job, or in public. Or, trying to get a job. You know my story from 2010, in which I was rejected a job offer because of my race. Remember Dresser Waukesha? And the 390+ African-Americans didn’t get the offer because of it. That’s part of it.

Many are saying that this could cost President Barack Obama the election all because of the skin tone. And to top of all that, some believing that he is the cause of this.  EXCUSE ME!!!! So Obama is the cause of this, “racial tension” in America? Really? The First American President of Color is responsible for the racial tension, or lynchings, the hanging chairs, nooses around trees and Obama displays, and etc. Really Americans? Well America NEWSFLASH! The President IS NOT at fault of these things. If I had to pick a race of ethnic group that is the cause of this, look at those who wear those “Put the White back in the White House” shirts at a “Romney/Ryan” Campaign Rally. Or those who are being brainwashed to say “oh there’s no real racism.” If you’re an Ann Coulter fan, you better burn her books. Speaking of her, why doesn’t she go onto BLACK Talkshows, like Washington Watch, or Don’t Sleep? She prances around Bill Maher or The View, and even Fox News, but she wouldn’t do a black TV show? Or a Black radio show like Tom Joyner or Michael Baisden? Ann Coulter may talk a game, but apparently her “conservative game” of asking where are the real racists are  is WHACK! Speaking of things that look racist, I was stumbled on a another blog about the use of the font that is currently displayed for the African-Americans for Obama signs. If you haven’t seen it, the African Americans portion of the sign has a jungle/safari font thing to it. Even the DJ’s for Obama use the font at times. I’m beginning to ask what is SOOOOO- Racist about a font like this? Explain that to me. I see fonts like that all the time and no it’s not racist. That is more bogus like Republicans say or those who attended those Tea Party Rallies:   “Were going to take our country back!” OR “Were going to take America back!” UM I need an answer to this: BACK FROM WHOM? Who are these “So-called Patriotic Americans” commenting about taking the country back from?

Word to those who believe that, Fair Warning: don’t think that a statement like that could be the death of the objective if you know what I’m saying.

So getting back to the “survey”. This survey even though it’s been conducting analysts stuff for about 4 years, I still say that are other information that needs to be proven forward. Matter of fact, hidden truths. What are these findings? Is it our Culture, Music, clothing, our African Heritage, black love relationships, African-American Families, saying African American with getting this stuff saying “oh you are an American” , (to those who keep saying that, don’t act like you know on your platforms and social media stuff), our story telling on the accomplishments in history (black history), jobs, businesses that are black owned, our Fraternities, Sororities, Churches, religion, or culture movement? Crime, Unemployment?

WHAT IS IT AMERICA?!!!  Why does this country of Freedom and Independence hate my culture? Matter of fact, why the hate in the last 4 years, because of Obama? Really?!!

Or is it because those who have this hate, probably have no excuse but to hate?

There will be answers.

Black people when we hear this, we better to tell those who oppose us that we will and must keep working no matter what we do. Period! The haters might not like it. Too Bad. Just keep working and representing to the fullest. If others don’t like it. They can kick rocks.  Simple.


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