Dang. Col. Wilkerson just dropped the mic and blew it up with the soapbox. Plus, about that Benghazi thing……..

Posted: October 27, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics, Organizations
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If anyone had the chance to watch the Ed Show, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson a retired US Army Colonel, opened up about the endorsement choice of Colin Powell choosing once again President Barack Obama to retain the presidency. What the Col. said was straight off the cuff and clear to the point. The Retired Army Colonel spoke and slam his party, the Republican Party of their use of racism in regarding John Snunu’s words of picking Obama from the General. Obviously, it’s been said all this time. And I’ve been saying it. It’s not the plan, it’s the man. When Bush and Cheney left, Obama picked up the mess and continued to make progress and attempt to continue to plea his case. But on DAY ONE, when the President took office, the Republicans side made sure that they were to block everything possible to make sure Obama fails. That was part of it. However the Ret. Col. Wilkerson made claim on his case for another reason as I described previously. Justified it maybe, it was just another claim of Snunu thinking that Colin Powell picked Obama because he’s black. Question! Has anyone heard Colin Powell said that in his pick for Obama? No! Had anyone heard Colin Powell mentioned this back in 2008? Absolutely not. So what’s the deal?!

Colin Powell is one of the best generals that America had in history. Subsequently also, black history. And also, he is his own man. If he wants to endorse someone from a different party, while staying base as a moderate Republican, then that is his own decision. End of story!

Alright. Now what’s up with this so-called lie concerning the President with Benghazi? This lie about the right wing media’s assumption that the White House knew it was going to happen? And the hypeness of this making it like it was a scandal? Really? First my heart bleeds for those who were killed. No person shouldn’t have to go through that.  Even on the 11th Anniversary of the incident. During the second debate, the President was on point in his stance in conjunction on what happened, and to have Mitt Romney making it a “political issue” as usual just trying to get ratings. That was a slap in the face. And now it’s a month after the attack, and the Right Wing Media likes to play scandal stuff to make a butt joke of the scenario. Even on Twitter, I see hashtags of #ImpeachObama. Excuse me, but Impeach him for what?!!!!! For being black?!! Or Mixed?!! Come on!  All because most thought he “lied”? Most of the Republican folks are giving him the heat. Some are not – One of them is a Romney Supporter. Does the name Condolezza Rice ring a bell? She, like some others in her party is refusing to comment on the stance of Libya and did comment that those who work must finish the job investigating. And plus, Condolezza knows this stuff very well and had to bring the real talk truth on that channel of Fox News. So apparently, the President got back up not only from his administration, but also from those like Condolezza who again knows that predicament. Oh what? The Right Wingers are going to call out Condoleezza  Rice for her stance with the President? Sort of like that “email” got circulated through Social Media. Remember when Bush thought there were WMD’s in Iraq when the troops were in battle, and didn’t see a lick of them? Well who was lying on that notion?

Like the President said, those that committed the murders in Benghazi will be in his words: “brought to justice”. The same with Osama Bin Laden. And for the record, we know that the Seal Team Six made the hit on Bin Laden. But who gave the order? Come on Right Wingers, who gave the order to take out Osama? and plus, who advised the order to made it happen? Let me answer that: Obama gave the order. And it required an advisement from Joe Biden. Yeah, Bin Laden was on Bill Clinton’s Radar, then it was on Bush’s radar (blindly) but when it came on Obama’s radar, the game was over. Period! Why did I say blindly on Bush? I think it spoke for itself of concentrating more on Saddam Hussein, than Bin Laden. And Iraq WAS NOT a target! Really it was near the Afghan/Pakistan area where most of that 9/11 planning got started up! I don’t hear nothing like that coming out of Bush’s mouth. Nor Mitt Romney’s mouth!  Oh, and where was this coming from the so-called right wing fans that wanted wars? *crickets* *crickets*

I can see this now. It’s election day. Obama wins the event. And that so-called bogus 2016 Obama’s America Movie will be a flop in sales. That dude who made the movie has got issues on his own from his former employer, who worked at a college! Watch out.


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