My Take: The third and final debate. Horses and Bayonets and other worthy stuff partially necessary

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, News and politics, Organizations
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You knew this was coming. The third and final debate is done and all is left to do is ….VOTE. In regarding the debate, I have to say that the President came out once again. Maybe not as the second debate, but he came through. The Foreign Policy portions were the President’s strongest interest, and Mitt Romney’s weakest. The same Mitt Romney who wanted Detroit to go bankrupt. Now, I got family members in Detroit. I hope to GOD that Detroit, as where as every city that is trying to comeback (Milwaukee needs work) returns much better and efficient and serves as a primary goal that it can rise up!

Overall what struck me the most about the debate was the aggressiveness of the President to make claim – as the Commander in Chief. Remember when 4 years ago when the Republicans folks and some said that Obama never had experience in dealing with foreign policies and such? Remember that? I think that came into play during his years as U.S. Senator. All of that I think, prepped him for this role in dealing with Foreign Policy. Mainly about getting Osama Bin Laden, and bringing our Troops home. Plus having a continued relationship with the rest of the world. And speaking of that, expect some international visitors on Election Day who would be observing our Election Process. They’re coming. So behave yourselves, Americans.

Now I want to comment about this “Horses and Bayonets” thing. In the debate, Both Mitt Romney and the President commented about the current status of the United States Navy as in size. (Never mind the picture above)

Mitt Romney: He commented the Navy has been small since 1917.

Barack Obama’s Response:  “I think Governor Romney maybe hasn’t spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.

“And so the question is not a game of Battleship where we’re counting ships. It’s what are our capabilities.”

Now keep in mind: Fewer horses and bayonets. Technically, I think what the President was referring to in this line, was the change in times. In a military sense. Now, for those who might be offended and serve, the President, the Commander and Chief didn’t say he was getting rid of them. Please don’t get excited with anguish  We have a few of them because once again, change in time. And from what I’m told some of those are still useful. Or in this case a change in use of equipment. Just 20+ years ago most of us were using VCR’s. Now it’s DVRs. We went from the Phonograph (or Record player) to the reel-to-reel, Tape Decks, CD Players, and now MP3’s. We went from talking on the telephone, to texting on the smartphone.  Is anyone getting this? Or like from Print to Digital. So technically, I found no fault. Not one fault about the use of  “fewer bayonets and horses”. Sometimes we need to read the whole line (not bits and pieces like most folks that assume they know) to have a full understanding. Now word on the “Republican Spin”, they claim that the president doesn’t have a detailed plan about his goal for the potentially, might happen second term. You’ll see that in the next couple of days. Watch your mailboxes or at a  Obama Campaign Rally on that one.  It’s called “Blueprint for the Future.” Plus it’s available on

In regarding Mitt Romney’s statement of “America never dictated other countries”. FLAG ON THE PLAY! That needs to have an instant replay because I hate to say that even though America has helped liberated nations as the Governor put it, but America also DICTATED other nations too! Don’t believe me? Reference Martin Luther King’s stance on Vietnam. Yeah, the same MLK that most folks like to hear the “I Have A Dream” speech so many times to feel appreciated. But also to those hear the speeches, I’m pulling a Roland Martin by asking, what have you done to maintained King’s Dream? What have you done? Have you donated? Have you educated? Have you given to a common cause like the statue in DC? WHAT?

Those of YOU reflecting on King’s speeches in your newspaper comments to your metro reporters, your other communication aspects: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN ORDER TO KEEP AND MAINTAIN KING’s DREAM?! – and this requires no political viewpoints, or just being a “proud American” of any stance.

Martin Luther King commented about America’s role in his words was ‘betrayal”.

Note to the Republicans fans, you might need to fact check this with real talk. Go back to school or to your Alumni chapters of learning. This is the same MLK who once said “I Have A Dream”, gave America a reality check about its dictatorship roles. Now for some who are just reading this, either you might be new, or somewhat trying to get it.

Or if you’re old school. And I mean OLD SCHOOL, you should know personally the gist behind of what King stated. Many of us who studied history know. Either with education in school or in your Grandmothers basement of her telling stories of what she witnessed in history. And the same with our Grandfathers, Great-Grandparents, and those that know without picking up a school text book through experience.

I’m going to say that the President mostly did came through. And I know that the Romney fans probably said the same about their pick. But I think the Romney folks needed to be careful of their pick not to agree with almost everything that the President accomplished. That right there is almost like a give up play in football. That’s like it’s 3 down and 1 yard to go in Football in which it would be best to run the ball instead of passing for 10 yards. Or trying to win the football game without getting racked up with ridiculous penalties. I put a “flag on the play” on Romney earlier in terms of America’s dictatorship comments.

But now. We’ve seen the debates. We’ve seen what the candidates offer in terms of face to face. We’ve seen their issues and/or open opinions at the rallies.   But the one thing that is left to do is vote. Many of the states had voted or is voting early. Wisconsin is one of them. Some of  us already had absentee voting ballots mailed in late September and such, and mailed them back. And there are those who will wait until the last minute at the zero hour,  on the day in the traditional sense, and vote at their respective polling places.

I made a New Year’s Prediction earlier in the year that Barack Obama will repeat as President. I didn’t say how he’ll repeat. I said he will repeat. Not because of those opinion polls, or the TV, radio, phone polls. The one poll that is official is the Electoral College. Or as I like to call it: The 270. If you get to 270, you win the presidency. If you don’t, well you know the rest.

But I’ll say this: If you don’t VOTE, don’t count to complain for another 4 years.  


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