Just recently, another U.S. company is about to join the line to China in terms of shipping jobs overseas. On The Ed Show, as well as The Last Word on MSNBC, the company Sensata Technologies (part of  Sensata’s Corporation and Bain Capital) plans to close up shop and move to China. The plant is in Freeport, Illinois which the city itself is 20 miles south of the Wisconsin Border, and 25 miles west of Rockford. And it’s a town of 25, 638 according to the 2010 Census.

Coming of the heels of the second debate, in which Mitt Romney debated about being against China in terms of the jobs, that should be a recount. Technically it should in the way Outsourcing jobs have been a Red Flag as of late. I can relate to this story through a personal story, in terms of a friend of mine who had a computer job here in the Milwaukee Area, but that job was shipped to India, and leaving him and those like him unemployed. Those of you going through the pain with Sensata, I feel you! Whomever those believe that it’s full of BS or full of crap that these people lost their jobs due to Outsourcing overseas, I hate to say this but that is a result of a  brain problem of “Romneyism” or “Romnesia”. Speaking of which, that Romnesia thing that President Obama spoke about reminds me of what I heard in a church sermon in September. Matter of fact here it is via Twitter on a Sunday Morning:

What you just saw, it’s real talk. It tells you that at times WE FORGET some miscues of important stuff. Admit it we do. The miscues in terms of the truth instead of what folks say on media,and I dare say the guy down the street. Note to the Romney Crew: How come you don’t address this in person? Just as I thought. They are not going to address this because I think they are scared punks! I’m not holding this back. The Romney folks are scared punks in terms of not being real! Just like Tagg Romney with the rigging of the voting machines in Ohio. Don’t worry, Eric Holder I believe should be on the case. And technically: Since when the name Tagg became a name for boys anyway?! Tagg, Tripp, Bristol, Piper. Sounds like a air strike!

Now don’t trip about how Barack got his name. It really means blessing, or blessed by God. And yes, he was named after his dad who was Kenyan BORN! Now don’t at all trip about the birthplace of Hawaii of the 44th President. And speaking of which, what is wrong being from Kenya anyway? And to add, Muslim? Some Americans are hard-headed of things like this. For me, I do have Muslim/African friends that I do respect and say hello too.

So above, I attached a link (and other links)  from The Ed Show in which gave some info about the closing in terms that the regular news outlets of (cough FOX) wouldn’t comment on. Technically this is an issue because either it might happen to someone you know, or maybe it already did. I think those who can relate to those who have lost jobs to overseas decisions need to tell them we know how you feel. It’s frustrating that you can’t go to a job that you applied for and  bring home to a family with financial ideas. Shameful.

We know that the Foreign Policy debate is coming up for the Presidential election. Will Obama go after Romney in terms of this matter IF possible in the debate? I think he should. Now I know it shouldn’t be a concern in part of the Election, but IT IS a vital concern for those effected by this, and also what about those who have the question, could this happen to me? For those who trip or sleep on this, DON’T!

And if this continues to happen, when you see jobs going overseas, and the Republican fans are PO’d and moaning about the 23 Million folks out of work and put the blame on the President. That’s one debate  thing in their opinion. But what if its backfires like its doing with Sensata? What will the Republican fans say now? Maybe those Republicans in congress should have passed that jobs bill in order IN ORDER to keep the opportunity to work! But however we all know how that ended. With a no. Plus I know that this has been mentioned of a American company in-sourced back to America. Remember when the President announced that MasterLock, Milwaukee’s MasterLock in my hometown, was previously in China, had been returned to America. Recently, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin debated with Former Gov. Tommy Thompson about jobs and one thing is agreeable that we Americans should “promote more Made in America products.” (By the way, I’m betting on Tammy to win the U.S. Senate Seat)

However, let me ask this: do you want this? Is this is we want to pay for? Really? Better think before November 6th! And to you undecided voters, you need to pay attention too because THIS CAN EFFECT YOU TOO!

Don’t Sleep: This is just my opinion.


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