My Take of the Second Round of Debates. Good Improvement for the President.

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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I hate to say this to the Romney folks, but it needed to be said: I told you so. Last night’s debate between the President and Governor was epic. And the President came out the boost of confidence with daggers in order to plea his case. Now in substance, Romney tried. But just was not up to par in terms of Obama’s aggressive assertiveness. Technically, Obama drove the bus and made Romney go into the Woodshed.  Yes, he can thank Joe Biden for that notion.

I did say in the last blog that “the Real Romney supporters” should not celebrate that one debate victory. It’s short lived.  The same in fairness for the Obama folks, which it was strong but also has to keep the pressure on for the third and final debate. Don’t forget, defense wins championships. Period. And Obama will be playing that defense in order to repeat as the 44th President of the United States.

What got me in watching the debate? Well let’s look at the clips shall we?

I’m going to comment this. And I said this on Twitter : Got him! No politics should not be clouded with the death of our own who serve. Bad move Mitt! #Debates #hofdebate. And just to add,  The President went huge in his statement. And those who don’t think so, hash-tag this: #checkthetranscript

Another clip:

Now I have to ask this and it was posted on Facebook recently. What is up with this binder?

Another clip:

My take on this: That Detroit bankrupt thing is so flag on the play. Point for @BarackObama. via Twitter.

Also, I’m paying attention to these polls like Gallup, and others. For the Gallup: recently the Gallup Poll now has Mitt Romney over Barack by 6 points. (51-45) I’m going to take a hypothesis that those numbers won’t mean a thing. Matter of fact, it wont mean nothing period. I’ve seen that 4 years ago and I’m seeing it now. Numbers do change, but if for that, the Gallup number for Obama will increase and Romney’s will decrease to be close.

And the same for these other sites like: Real Clear Politics, Huffington Post and others.

  • On one site – The Real Clear Politics has Romney at 206 and Barack at 201.
  • The Huffington Post: Barack at 277 and Romney at 206.
  • CNN’s Tracking: Barack: 237, Romney: 191.
  • The Talking Points Memo Site: Obama is at 259 and Romney is at 237. Plus the National Popular Vote has Mitt leading by 1.1%.
  • NBC News has Barack at 243 and Mitt at 191. With the toss up at 104.

(Don’t get me started on Fox News since I refuse to go to the site) 

To me, these are “preliminary numbers”. You know it’s kind of like preseason. I mean what I’m saying is, it may look good now, but will it matter when the Real Numbers of the Electoral College comes out on Election Day? Those numbers are the real numbers that I want to see. The Gallup Poll, in my view is bogus. It’s all preliminary. So the Romney folks, you probably got all excited that your chosen pick got over Obama, BUT……….don’t get too excited. Remember what I said that if I were a real Romney Supporter, I would not get very cheerful, because even the Obama folks know that “NUMBERS CHANGE.” They do. I hate to burst the bubbles but, it’s a given.

Technically, after third debate happens, it’s down to the wire. Word is that in several states the Democrats are up over the Republicans in early voting. But we’ll see how that works out.

For the debate: Obama struck back. Period. He had to in order to stay face and play defense. Now despite of the “naysayers” that he lost against Romney, yet again: Sorry. TOTALLY DISAGREE! Remember what I said about the incumbents losing the first debate, while trying to rebound to win the second/third debates? Do your history of that before making statements! Even if it’s  on Barack Obama’s Facebook Page, Instagram, or anything that those free post while arguing. I hate to say this if you fit in this category, some of your spellings needs checked! That’s is NOT debatable!  *the microphone is smashed along with soapbox*


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