Excuse me, but what is up with these “hanging chairs?!” I mean really? And what is up with this “Keep the White in the White House”?

Posted: October 12, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, News and politics
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Oh, check this out. I know that there is alot of hate against President Obama and what he stands for. That’s debatable. But whoever decided to use hanging chairs to display their content of hatred on the President is really out of their mind. Clearly it is a form of racism. I think that stands it most. I mean look, hanging chairs. Come on people. This copycat of “Eastwooding” with chairs is getting stale. Now when the RNC was happening, where there hanging chairs around the sametime as counting black folks at the Convention? No. But there were folks throwing peanuts at black camera workers. Technically there was no denying that in which did happen. I’ll bet these are the same folks who feel that having a President of color like Obama in the White House (which blacks built by the way, more on that later) is more like a threat or fear. When the President came into office in 2009 as we all know, first it was breath of fresh air of not saying the words: George W. Bush messed up the country. And yes, after that, it was a hate-fest of seeing and hearing hate groups rising up. Or the typical comment about “he’s going to barbecue on the White House Lawn.” Well he did! And the typical “were going to take our country back!” I ask again, back from whom? Cue the Tea Party also.

Speaking of African Americans and the White House, I went on the buzzfeed website today, and it was showing a picture of a man with a Romney/Ryan shirt having the words: “Put the White back in the White House.”

Oh really?

I want those who feel this way to listen up or read these words that I am about to say. And those who want to know in the Black American studies, or those who are “street but cool”:  Black people BUILT (and the keyword is BUILT) the White House! Oh yes. Blacks (enslaved blacks) BUILT the house in which Barack Obama, and the presidents before him work and play. And if you feel that this is a slap in the face of me telling this in a truthful manner, there is a book out now called “The Black History of the White House”. Go to your Barnes and Nobles, your Amazons or where ever you do your book shopping, by the book, (or rent it from a library) and READ IT! Oh yeah, the truth will hit you upside the head! Now to those who know this, you may want to add this to the collection. And on top of that, I will say that more African American history is being not only discovered, but rediscovered! Such as blacks built the U.S. Capitol. Real Talk!

It really gets me that those who have this “Keep the White in the White House” thing has no knowledge on how the mansion got built. Oh and they consider themselves “proud Americans”. Really? Shameful!


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