The Black Entertainment Television Network, or BET has a new show that will make you think. It will make you think HARD. No I’m not talking about Wendy Williams. I’m talking about “Don’t Sleep”. The show is hosted by T.J. Holmes whom previously worked for CNN between 2006 and 2011. I have to say that after the first show, I was hooked on it because it talked about the several issues that plagues the Black Community. I have to say that this show to me has been hard hitting and humorous, even though that it’s a 30 minute show. However, Don’t Sleep will make you stay awake for another 30 minutes because it’s not only new, but also will make your brain think more. Especially for black folks.

For a preview: take a look at the shows teasers, and yes if the previews work, you will stay awake until 10:30pm.




And for the record, if any African American or African Canadian, British or whatever likes the show, SUPPORT IT! I want to say that we black folks need to continue to support our own news, stories, organizations, companies, divisions, etc. If we don’t then we are lost! Just saying. And what I just said, is not racist! Thank you. And if we do support it, GIVE IT TIME! We know it’s a 30 minute show, but still give it time to expand, draw a crowd, etc. Had to say that.

Like the show says: “You can go to bed now, but don’t sleep!”


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