Screwed up in Seattle: The Packers clearly won with an Interception.

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Calling those out to be accountable!, Editorial, Organizations, Sports
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Don’t get me started today. Matter of fact, the engine is running as I speak.

All of my years of watching football, I’ve seen many good games, bad games and now screwed up games. Especially Football games related to Wisconsin Pro and College sports. I’ve seen the game between Seattle and Green Bay, and I tell you, there was alot of jailbreaking, gangtackling, swarming to the ball, and now, Referee Scabbing. Uproar on Twitter, Facebook and many other outlets have Packer Fans and those that don’t like nor care about the Packers in an equal anguish and disbelief that the referees towards the end of the game, (the end of the game mind you,) talking, blogging, facebooking, twittering and yes sending letters and phone calls to Roger Goodell to NFL  Enterprises in New York.  Oh yes, they are sending letters of asking what was the point of these scabbing refs screwing up the game toward the end. Warning to the other fan teams, if you think that this can happen to Green Bay, your team may be effected as well. Don’t sleep!

If some don’t know what I’m talking about, look at this photo:

Photo Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This is the play that everyone is talking about. I’ll give you the cliff notes. Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson (whom formally played for Wisconsin)  made a Hail Mary pass to the endzone to find his receiver Golden Tate. (btw, who names their kids or adults Golden Tate? Really? Bring back the regular names. SMH) Golden Tate is of course surrounded by several of the Packers defensive backs including MD Jennings. MD reaches for the ball, mostly along with Golden and the two fell to the turn in wrestling for the ball. At the end of the result, two referees gave two different signals. The black ref signaled incomplete, the white ref signaled touchdown. This talk is now reaching our workplaces in such today. My Twitter reaction to this:

  • MD Jennings had the INT.Straight up. Just saying. If this is a screw job for the season, there will be letters written. #packers.
  • Jailbreaking, gangtackling, and now ref scabbing? Really NFL?
  • Paging Roger Goodell! – Need to do a background check evaluation on EVERY REF in the NFL!
  • This game I think will make those controversial lists. Just wait. It will. Right near the 1997 WWE Survivor Series.
  • Greg Jennings got mad tonight. I don’t blame him. TJ Lang cussing up a storm on Twitter. I don’t blame him. I know Mike McCarthy is PO’d.
  • Josh Sitton is cussing up a storm. I do not kid. #Packers
  • Add Jermichael Finley to the cussing twitter list. I do not kid. #Packers
  • SMH! #Packers Got Robbed. Yeah I said it.
  • I said it again: #packers got robbed. What is up with these refs? Time for a background check!
  • Talk about ugly losses. I’ve seen ugly losses from #Packers games. No question. This takes the cake. I’ll say this also: Next game please.
  • Last TweetJack before bedtime: We all need church. There. I said it.

After looking at that, In my Packer/Fan/Observer stance (call me a Cheesehead Observer) – MD Jennings clearly grabbed the ball first more than Golden Tate to make the INT. And by the way, Golden Tate needs to stop lying. He knew what was going on, in his words “I don’t know what you’re talking about” speech.

Alot of now, folks are also asking why did MD Jennings didn’t bat the ball away or something like that? One of my TV news personalities from the Greater Milwaukee Area suggested the recent game between Tennessee and Detroit, because there was some of that too. (via Twitter)

This referee scabbing screwing mess is an embarrassment. And the keyword is screwing! I’ll admit, I’ve been screwed, jail-broken, gang-tackled, attacked because of my education, disrespected because of my race of being African American. Not game related I should point out.

Later on, the NFL will address the issue that occur last night in Seattle. And also, based on the referee calls last night, and the previous weeks, will this continue for the rest of the season? If it happens like this for the rest of the season, probably I won’t be watching.  Just give me the score. Is this a revenge factor for them because the Packers went 15-1 last year? Silly Zebras.

I’ve seen refs mess up games and matches before. Remember the 1997 WWE Survivor Series? The Montreal Screw-job? Ask any wrestling fan who grew up or watched it during the Attitude Era and they will tell you. Or ask the Dave and Earl Hebner. They at one time screwed Hulk Hogan out of a match. And it was on Saturday Night’s Main Event. But last night’s game was no Wrestling Match.

For this game, this will make the lists of those controversial endings that will keep us talking until we can’t talk no more. It will. Not just for the flat out ugly list of 2012, but beyond that. This outcry of bring back the real refs has also the folks talking. Even Wisconsin Union Busting Governor Scott Walker. – That will make you say what.


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