This is disturbing: but also deserves a teachable moment

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Calling those out to be accountable!, Editorial, Local
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Taking a break from my reasons of tracking Barack Obama for a moment in terms of community stuff.

Milwaukee: what is wrong here? Seriously, not to call them out, but our Milwaukee Police Department needs to have more accountability. There was an uproar of this incident that occurred  last year, but has surfaced this year. The incident concerning the late Derek Williams, an African American male being in the squad car handcuffed and not breathing last year, is truly disturbing. I’m not calling a thing of smoke and mirrors, but this really pathetic of them being unaccountable of their actions and work. Those officers need to have their badges taken away, or matter of fact, fired on the spot. I as a citizen and a taxpayer (that’s right a taxpayer) must see more justice brought to the attention of these officers.

For those who want to know why I’m writing this, take a look at this video that is not only making Milwaukee talk, but also America talk.

Milwaukee Police squad video: In-custody death of Derek Williams

This video was going on during the same weekend when the President was here campaigning. No, the President is not to blame for this. I like everyone else was just waking up to this and still being talked about right now. But before you watch the video – DISCLAIMER ALERT: The video is straight up graphic. If you are “Extremely Highly Sensitive” about videos like this, do not (I repeat) DO NOT watch this video. Plus, for those under 18, stay off! I am serious! Only for the mature folks.

And after watching this, what’s the deal Milwaukee? What are we going to do about it? And what are the so-called Republicans who like to parade around with the 47% victims speeches in all are saying? Do they care? And what about the other political parties? And those who like to flee from the city? Stand up Milwaukee! No more of this “get behind now and leave later” stuff. And I dare say it’s not a boondoggle!


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