I love my city!

President Obama made a campaign stop here in Milwaukee today to continue his quest to repeat the presidency. The BMO Harris Pavilion, located at Summerfest was to supposed to hold at least 10,000 folks. But…….more kept coming as the President made his way, and by the time the President spoke, yes he had to acknowledge those like of Mayor Tom Barrett and State Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Plus he acknowledged Green Bay Packers Desmond Bishop and Jermichael Finley. He had too (as a Chicago Bears Fan). But anyway it was a glimpse for those who wanted to hear the President his next plans for the next 4 years ranging from jobs, taxes, lowering the debt, women’s rights, ending the war in Iraq, and the dreaded 47% of Americans who are victims. Speaking of that, he did comment and quoted: “I don’t see victims here today. I see hard-working Wisconsinites.” And plus, there were plenty of boos of mentioning Mitt Romney and his plans if elected. His response: “Don’t boo, vote!”

Despite of whatever, this was a chance for myself and a close immediate family member to get to see the 44th President in person and in the flesh. Last time I saw an Obama family member in person, it was Michelle Obama at Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee just a month ago. How about those “back to back” Obama campaign appearances for the Brew City! Currently, the POTUS is up by 10+ points over Romney in a preliminary stance. Furthermore, it was the President’s second visit to Milwaukee since he gave a shout-out and visited Master Lock.


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