I want to quote a well known radio sports annoucer, Wayne Larivee: “And there is your…..DAGGER!”

For those who don’t know, he is well known for saying that when the Green Bay Packers win a game either on the road or at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, more on that later.

However, let’s shift gears of the dagger that will haunt, spook, frighten or just make the blood run cold inside of Mitt Romney. We all seen that video that is going viral in terms of his comment of the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes. Just asking, who are these 47% anyway? Mostly it’s the Senior Citizens, those in the Military, and those who are just working under their normal salaries in terms of underemployment, and those who are not working. I had to include that in there. This message has sparked a nationwide thing in terms of getting those to think or critique about the statement of Mitt’s summary. I always knew that every candidate would get the hot microphone,when it comes to acceptance or judgement.

Mostly for those who are liberal or progressive aren’t the only ones know about this gaff, per say. Pop quiz: What do Allen West, Linda McMahon (yes, Vince’s wife from the WWE) Rush Limbaugh, and other like them have in common? They are republicans, conservatives, and I dare say now that they disagreed with the comments that Mitt Romney professed on the Video. Wait a minute: conservatives disagreeing with a Republican? How did that happen?!

After careful consideration this is a dagger that Mitt will not heal from. Those in the 47% that Mittens likes to comment, they are Students, Seniors, Military Personal, those who are looking for work, underemployed, and all of this. For the review of credit, give James Carter IV some love. He’s the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter that was  recently mentioned this morning on Yahoo.

If this “dagger” proves that Romney is using this as a sense of urgency, guess what, It’s not! And he had the upmost nerve to say that the those in the 47% are well “victims”. Victims of what? I mean seriously. I’ll bet that not everyone in the category is NOT a victim that Mitt Romney claims. How many of these victims that Romney met that aren’t victims that pay or file their taxes? How many of the victims that he met that aren’t victims who attend college or maybe yet, served in the military that found their way through without being “victimized”?

This whole thing to me similar when those in the country about the president claiming he’s dividing the country. It’s time for me to go there. Ever since President Obama came into office, Republicans back and forth wanted to block all the ideas he has placed and Mitch McConnell of all people said that the first priority is to “deny President Obama a second term.” So technically is not the plan, it’s him. They just don’t like working with a person that is well, like him.  (Does that sound familiar?) And all this sentimental crap about Obama dividing the country is absolutely pathetic. How is he dividing the country? Seriously?! If anyone is “dividing the country”, ask the racists, the domestic terrorists, those who are locked up in Federal Prison, or anyone that is not willing to work together in this American spirit society. There is your blame! Not President Obama! Even ask those who say who want to take their country back. – Question: BACK FROM WHOM? We’ve been saying that mess since the country was going through it’s dark ages years ago during war time. I thought I took my country back in 2008 when Obama was elected to office. Just saying. I said this in another blog that if anyone deserves to take their country back, give it back to the Native Americans. This was their country first. Everyone else either stole, plundered, used it bombed other countries without consent, or used it to inherit slavery of blacks. That’s right I said it! Don’t try to deny it, America. We know it’s the truth.

When the debates come on in October, I’ll bet that both candidates will be ready. But I think the most candidate will be ready the most will be the President.  Bold Prediction.


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