This part of the blog is for all of the undeciders who may not have a clear cut idea who to vote for. Now, if you already know who to choose with, you’re fine. No matter which side. However,  I kind of wrote this in 2008 on one of those old MyFoxMilwaukee blogs, but now since it’s been years that I did this. I’ll get the pointers out in terms of keeping tips before Election Day. It is valuable then and is valuable now in terms of making your choice. Once again: this is for the UNDECIDED voters!

My Take: My rules of Making the Vote
Nov 1, 2008 | 11:39 AM
Category: News

Well, it’s almost here. Election Day 2008. And a belated Happy Halloween, even though it is All Saints Day. Now, for the last couple of blogs, I’ve been commenting about how to register for Voting as well as filling out the ballots. These things I believe are the strengths and main points for making the vote count. Plus there are others in which most of us already know. And yes, it’s our constitutional right. I put an announcement in my church’s bulletin to remind my members about the information on how to register, fill out the ballots, and putting a extra reminder about expressing their constitutional rights and privilege to do so. The most beauty of it, is just getting the word out just to take a moment out of our busy work schedules, or school schedules (if you’re in college), just to cast the ballot. Sound simple?

About certain rules of Making the Vote, or should I say making the vote count: There is an old school adage that says “If you don’t vote, you don’t count”. That’s the truth. Like it or not. That is the main rule of thumb. Now it appears that some of us did actually voted absentee on our own, and don’t have to go through the long lines when the actual day comes. I voted absentee about three weeks ago downtown, and it was less crowded. No problems. But what about those who still need more time to think about the candidates, issues, and other things that weren’t mentioned? This part, I have some advice for those who are undecided, and need more time to think. Those who are undecided, I feel you, but here are some pointers to share.

1) Take notes on the Issues. Since half of your friends or family members or co-workers have already voted, you might want to spend time and ask what made them decide about their votes. But keep in mind about your “true vote” and take notes. Gather some thoughts and make your decision. And you can do this besides going online to Yahoo, MSNBC, CBS, Politico, the Huffington Post, or better yet, even though it’s dead last, Fox News, which I don’t really watch that much.

2) Put some thought into perspective. Really you should. This election is one of the most important elections ever. Keep this as if you are real serious like going to a job. Matter of fact, voting is like a job, although you don’t get paid for it with cash, but actually doing the vote and showing the “I Voted” Sticker will reap it’s rewards. And just to remind all: If you have time off the clock from work, you must show your sticker to your employer as proof you did vote! Just a thought.

3) Do not be intimidated! Don’t be intimidated by your significant other, or group, website, a certain blogger online that likes to gives perspectives on the opposite side that will probably drive you crazy, or another person beside you in persuading you to make the choice as if they want you to. In other words, don’t vote for Sen. McCain because your wife or girlfriend are making you do it. And vice versa. There should not be any sentences of as an example: “If you really love me you would vote for….” And to be fair, don’t vote for Sen. Obama just because your African-American blogger friends on BET and of course, MyFox are doing it. And he’s leading in the preliminary votes like 333-181 in favor of Obama on Yahoo’s website. I already voted for “Change” not because of the numbers, but because of a positive vision. I’m being real. But just to be fair and impartial, you can vote for whomever. It’s your choice. If you like Sen. Obama’s chances for Change, or McCain’s view of Country First, or Ron Paul’s vision of the Old School Republican style examples of getting the troops out of Iraq, or Ralph Nader’s Green Party pointers, vote up! As long as you made YOUR choice, there might be some arguments or praises, but hey, you have your own mind.

4) Avoid all thought from the attack ads. We’ve seen them. But don’t let the commercials or billboards, or postcards with racial slurs, or any “terrorist” remark, He’s a socialist! comments, or “This man must be killed if you don’t vote for his opponent!” remark. Vote for (you fill in the blank). Despite of what they present, they do not, in my view promote your vote. What promotes your vote, is your vote. If I see a attack ad about Obama on Hannity and Colmes, or the O’Reilly Factor, and there has been about 75% of them, I just turn the station or better yet, mute the TV, or get out the room. Plus not going to Youtube and watch the ads.

5) And to round out the last of my rules of voting: Get it over with. What is Larry the Cable Guy’s famous line, Git R’ Done? That’s right! Git R’ Done! or I like to add more like “Set it off” or “Drop it like it’s hot”. Or better yet, “Bring the Noise!” What I’m saying or trying to imply is, get it out of the way. Like going to see your doctors and having your blood check, like I need to go this month. Just go, handle the deed, and leave. Just like in the stores to shop, you go see what you want, pay and leave. Simple. Just do it. The faster you work, the faster you get out.

That really rounds it up. Hopefully this would probably shed some light on those who are still undecided and haven’t made a choice. But to those who have made that choice and already casted the ballots in all, we need to serve as ambassadors to those who are still having the difficult choices to make about voting in general. I mean let’s be honest. For some, it hasn’t been easy like everyone else and I understand that. But we need to stick it out there to remind those why we as Americans do this on the positive scale. Let me say that again: the positive scale. Just keep that in mind when going to the polls and casting the ballots. Hopefully that might work out. Like I said I made my vote counted three weeks ago, and yes that candidate was my pick. But whomever the real pick is on Tuesday, either Obama or McCain, I think with prayer, and I mean prayer, (I don’t care if it’s a news blog area) it will take some time to think and get through. So get your Votes on. It’s our time to improve.

This is my take. Right or Wrong. Just my thought.


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