An additional story that I complained about last year, is now being told in tribute to September 11th.

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Last year, I wrote a blog about Time Magazine having displaying a book about the September 11th attacks. It was called Beyond 9/11.  In the blog, I summarized my thought about the book in terms of not showing or revealing the names of the African-Americans who also either served, survived or died on that tragic Tuesday. Also I did mentioned Genelle Guzman-McMillan who was black, and was labeled at the “last survivor of 9/11.” Read her book entitled, “Angel In The Rubble.”  Also, I commented how Jason Thomas, who was black and served in the U.S. Marine  Corps was on hand to help find those trapped in the rubble.  Not the “Jason Thomas” was played in the movie World Trade Center.

The question of asking last year of “where are the blacks?” had came up again. On the 11th anniversary of the day, I read on the Huffington Post’s Black Voices site,  and later about some black firefighters that died on 9/11. Now you’re about to ask the question. “Why this? Why it does have to be about color? Why does it have to be about black folks yet again? It’s not Black History Month. Why can’t they just be heroes?”  Uh-huh. I saw those comments on Facebook and Black Voices and half of those comments who had a thought about them being segregated, it’s not. Plus for those who ask that, and are and are not African-American, you may not understand the FULL gist of it. Technically the keyword is basically understanding. And likewise, African-Americans have had or currently doing historical things in America as we know of.

By the way, who was the first African-American Astronaut to die in the Challenger explosion in January of 1986? –  WITHOUT GOOGLING!

Second, we all know about the March on Washington, who organized the March? Plus the person was an African-American male, and Gay. Again – WITHOUT GOOGLING!

For the Green Bay Packers Fans, who was the first African-American NFL Player to play for the team? –  WITHOUT GOOGLING! But I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Lionel Aldridge, Willie Davis,  nor Reggie White.

And also when a piece of history gets put out in the open, knowingly it’s going to be recognized and I dare say scanned. On that note, let me comment that everyone that can understand: 9/11 effected EVERYONE. No matter what.  I like every American will never forget where we were, and what we were doing on that horrible day.  Matter of fact, the whole week including going to church on a Sunday that was packed.

But getting back to the story of the black firefighters that died in service on 9/11, this is one of things that I wanted to look for. Not to make a mockery of race here. I like any other American of African Decent, needed to know as well. Or Blacks Folks, African-Americans whatever we choose to identify, about this revealed piece of  history. The main point of all of this, is to give us more information that should be displayed. Too many times in black history, or in parts of black history, information at times gets either incorrect or not mentioned. There are those “Americans” who think or still believe that Dr. King was a Republican. NOT TRUE! His father, Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr, he was the MLK that was the republican. Dr. King, during his days as the SCLC  President during the 1960’s never endorsed any political party. Want more proof? Research the King Center, and find the article letter that he written back in the 1960’s and it will tell you a hidden clue that he wasn’t a registered Republican as many thought he was. Read up, Americans.

However, read up on the article: Mothers Of Black Firefighters Killed On 9/11 Fight To Keep Their Sons’ Memories Alive. And plus read about the struggles and discrimination that they endured in becoming firefighters. Another thing I can hear now about the reaction is like: Who cares? or Why should I care? Well, tell that to those that knew these men in  school, or at church, or in their native cities, towns or districts. Even their families. My thing to them would be this: Ask around and you will know why it is. And when you do read the article: Black people, we need to continue to recognize US! I’m just saying to be realistic. Not just for this 9/11, but for every 9/11 that comes across every time.

God Bless America!


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