Check this out. I don’t that there are any twitter fans in WordPress, but there is a trending hashtag that somewhat new and controversial in others: #negrospotting. Others think that it’s well, racist. But to think about it, why is it trending? Technically it’s making waves at the RNC, the Republican National Convention currently, and up to date, the person who coordinated the hashtag tweet, Baratunde Thurston, (who at one time worked for The Onion newspaper, and now spearheads his own company that features his novel, “How to be black.”)  has been keeping count of the African-Americans who have checked in, or in this case, have been spotted at the Convention. Plus he’s a political comedian with working technology, and he’s black. It’s like asking the same question of where are all the black folks? Or I don’t see anyone of my culture representing. Tell that to Michelle Malkin, and some of her right wing manics who assumes that it’s a racist trend. Really, Michelle? That’s racist? Obviously she better check herself and stop assuming that things like African-American related are well: Segregated. Still I like the fact that she got schooled by Roland Martin on a occasion. VIA TWITTER!

Oh check this, even TheGrio, the African-American side of NBC News is following the story as well, and I didn’t see any bashing or commentary on Facebook about the term or what it states. Clearly, it’s just like I said in another sense: All about finding the black folks at the RNC. Matter of fact, if this were to be national thing, it would be different. However there is a thing like this out now. Ever looked at the Census for each state and city in the country? Also this reminds me of what Keith Olbermann once asked about this question, “where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?” In other words, where are all the black folks?

Now next week, when the Democrats have their convention in North Carolina, trust me, I think there will be more black folks attending that, then the RNC. I just know it. It’s not just about counting the votes for the election, it’s about math and stats. Or ask this question: What was the ratio of African-Americans showed up BOTH at the RNC and DNC?

Technically, this #negrospotting thing is not somewhat new. Nor racist. It’s all about inquiring the question of percentage of blacksin the convention.


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