For every inquiring mind to know, First Lady Michelle Obama (aka the FLOTUS), visited Milwaukee today for the rally support of the upcoming election. As of right now, the Badger state leads with Obama over Romney with a single digit lead. Simply because of Paul Ryan’s assistance. But this is my first time going to these things, and I must say that seeing the First Lady is the next best thing to an opportunity to see the President, IF Obama comes to campaign yet again in Wisconsin. And another if he does win to retain the presidency. Yeah, I’m staying base with the New Year’s Pick from earlier this year. Overall, I’ve been blessed to see and hear the First Lady IN PERSON!!!!!!!

Other recognizable guests and dignitaries arrived such as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor, State Senator Chris Larson, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and the new Wisconsin State Representative-Elect Mandela Barnes.


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