Milwaukee Streetcar update: More protests, more projects

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, Local, News and politics
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If anyone in Milwaukee caught the news this week,  Alderman Bob Donovan is reviving his protest against the Milwaukee Streetcar Project.  In case those forgot, the Streetcar is slated to begin construction this fall in the city. However Bob Donovan also got support from the Americans For Prosperity, an American “Republican-based” Tea Party group in which launched a website called, an online petition website in order for their options to get noticed. Partially if that does happen, the Alderman wants to use the funds for road construction. WHICH IT WON’T in my estimation. The Alderman and those favored the project already knows that the money allocated has to be used for the Streetcar project only! It was ruled favored for it and it’s done. Technically, he’s wasting his time. Yep. I said it. More importantly this Streetcar Project could be a part of a solution of what everyone in Milwaukee is shooting for: Jobs. Better jobs to be exact. And to think, to bypass all the so-called “boondoggles” that folks have been screaming for years. See, this is one other reason why Milwaukee is behind in transportation. And other things.

Americans for Prosperity joins Milwaukee streetcar opposition

In case those want to know what the hub bub is about, check out the The Milwaukee Streetcar website.


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