The games of the XXX Olympiad have indeed been memorable. Like many before, new records broken, streaks have been alive and intact, and new folks of getting a shot of redemption, respect, and opportunities have been made. Plus it has been a social media blitz with the likes of Facebook and Twitter on a Positive Scale.  I can say that this was the first time in a while that I was so pleased with the chance to enjoy the summer games.

But before I continue: London, you have been a good host for the games. With me being as a fan of the Olympics, a US Citizen, rooting for Team America,  and many others that I can’t even catch up per say, I want to give you a “international mad respect” for being the host of the games. Plus like I said earlier, London is on my list of future International visits. Just so you know.

What have we learned: We can learned that nothing is impossible without God Almighty. Ask Gabby Douglas, or any member of the USA Track And Field Team. Speaking of Gabby Douglas, she I think will be a continued inspiration for a future generation. Not only that, with African-American kids hopefully. There has been this question of why she is the first African-American All Around Winner of Gymnastics? Um……she earned the right! Tell that to those of Facebook. And even though she won and trained hard for those medals, there’s always going to be haters talking smack. The old adage goes like, if you can’t say, or tweet something nice, don’t say nothing! All of this “hair” issues that most in the black community has a sensitive crap thing of, is nothing more than a mere barrier. It was also indicated that at one time, Flo-Jo, or Florence Griffitn-Joyner had the style of looking good with hair and did her events. But here is something that most forgot: Gabby Douglas is not Flo-Jo. Black people in America, who go on the social media hatefest, we need to check ourselves! I’m just saying. This again, is nothing more than sensitive crap. It’s not that serious. We are all trying to look good for everything, but the Olympics are not a fashion show! Instead of giving Gabby Douglas grief, along with her mother, give them some mad respect that she is raising a child to be a better citizen! Is that hard enough to understand?

And while were at this let’s learn from the rest of the US Team:

Lolo Jones: We know that she was doing her thing with the hurdles. And she trained and trained for the games during her 12 year career. But when you rip someone like her who had to go through constant struggles, that’s not fair. So she didn’t win. But I think she’ll be back in terms of redemption. And so what she’s saving herself for marriage? As long she’s able to keep a level head of responsibility, and ignore the media of what they think of her, she should be fine for herself.

Hope Solo: Yes, she’s got a gold medal. But I think she should be thanking Brandi Chastain. Just my opinion. I mean reporters rip athletes all the time, but sometimes the athletes need to ignore the media and simply JUST PLAY THEIR GAME!

Venus and Serena Williams: They’re not done yet. Their doubles victory proved that they are the best in tennis right now. For Serena, and to the so-called Sensitive Crowds, doing the dance like the crip walk is not inappropriate! And to those who just caught on what it is, do your research. Just because Serena grew up in Compton California doing the Crip Walk does not mean she’s a gang banger. I think the “crip-walk” was symbolic of her paying homage to the city she was born in terms of not forgetting where she came from. What would happen if I did a urban hip hop dance that paid homage to Milwaukee?

Michael Phelps: For a minute, I thought Phelps was tanking. Really I was. But with him, and picking up more golds and silvers to 22 medals, proves that even though he had his struggles, but he is still one of the best swimmers that can lead and anchor in the history of the games. And I’m surprised that guys like Lil’ Wayne is a fan. I’m just saying!

The Fierce 5: These young teens were having the time of their lives. I haven’t been this stout since the Magnificent Seven of 1996 – which had Dominique Dawes.

Katie Ledecky, Missy Frankin, Rebecca Soni, and the rest of the female Swim Squad: They are impressive. I would expect them to be a force in the next games and beyond.

Ryan Locthe:  I have to admit, Ryan, against Michael Phelps is a competitor. And hopefully can lead a new force for the men’s side of Swimming after him.

The US Track and Field Team: I looked at both of Allyson Felix and Tyson Gay previously. Allyson has been impressive. I picked her to win the gold and did. For Tyson Gay, he and others on the men’s track team earned the silver I think for redemption. They will be back. As far as Camelita Jeter, Dawn Harper, DeeDee Harper, Bianca Knight, Tianna Madison, Kellie Wells, and others on the female track squad, they were bosses with speed! No question.

USA Basketball: The women of Swin Cash and others, have really examplifed themselves as the best in their craft. They fought hard and survived to maintain being the best team on the globe for the 5th time with Gold Medals. For the men: I was going to do this on a new blog, but I’ll say it here. I do believe that this year’s team is not near the capacity that the legends stood out in 1992. The originals stood the standards that changed the way global basketball is meant to be challenged. I was in high school going into the 10th grade when the Dream Team was formed. Plus I was also schooled that they were on a mission to not only getting a mindset redemption cause of 1972, but also changing the landscape of basketball forever. For 1972, if most don’t know that was like a screw job in which the U.S. thought won the gold against Russia, but the controversial play of 3 seconds of that game is still being questioned today. Furthermore, it was America that reached a point of starting a new revolution in the sport by injecting the big guns out of the NBA. We know the rest of the story. On the flip side of being the Redeem Team is one thing, they have stepped up and winning back to back gold medals. OK, so which player or players were interesting? I’ll bet you are saying Kobe and Lebron. I know. But I’ll say Kevin Durant with his three point shooting also surpassing previous USA Basketball players in scoring, Kevin Love with his rebounding, Carmelo Anthony with his mixture of rebounding and making a high scoring of 37 points in Olympic History, also the incoming rookie Anthony Davis making the most dunks in Olympic history. Yes, they may not be the caliber of the 1992 Originals, but this team I like to call the Redeem Team II, the next chapter; in reflecting the tradition of calibrating a new revolution in basketball. Both the men and women of the USA Basketball Squads are still the best in the game right now! And also, this was last time we’ll ever see Coach K and Kobe. But I’m assuming that LeBron will like many others will be handed the keys in order to drive the car to new heights for Men’s Basketball. For the next coach, that remains to be seen.

Recently, I was on the USA Basketball Facebook page, and I viewed a picture of them participating in a Military Wreath Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. I had to laugh at some folks who think that they had no business being on the site in that ceremony. Really, Americans? You mean to tell me that overpaid athletes in the NBA, NFL, and others aren’t allowed to do this out of their time and schedules? We talk about like “I wish these overpaid millionaires would give something to our troops in all. All they care is about their endorsements and stuff. They have no right to be there on sacred ground!” I see you. However ask yourself a question: Are they Americans too? Were they born here? Are they role models that your kids look up to? Maybe the organization wanted to be there to show the athletes in a different light of doing something that has nothing to do with endorsements! Period. So I applaud the USA Basketball Teams of both men and women that engaged this action. And to those who dissed this on Facebook, or anywhere else, word of warning: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it! REAL TALK! No matter if you served in the military (yeah I said it!) or if you just came here from another country, or if you just came to terms to be a patriot for the moment! I’m just saying to be real!

Now comes to the internationalism of things:

Team GB or Team Great Britain – good competitors and a way for them to hype up their country. One of the members I think was impressive the most was Mo Farah.

Usain Bolt – Dude is a character. But if I were him, I wouldn’t get too cocky of being the greatest or being a legend. Usain to me, needs more exposure in terms of trying to be the greatest. One of the things most have is this notion of being a GOAT – that’s the Greatest of All Time. Just because you have the records broken in all doesn’t make you an overnight great one; as of yet. Yes he’s got speed of a Jesse Owens and Michael Johnson. I’ll give him that. He is a boss. Not knocking him on that. But being a overnight legend or a greatest ever is highly debateable. He still has to prove himself, on a lifetime scale that is. Not just for the moment. And also, let me be clear to the Jamaican folks: I am not disrespecting him just because he is a native of your country. Period. I respect all folks who do things impressive. And plus, new rule: athletes should not interrupt those of getting a medal and having the national anthems playing. Total inappropriate! Give them the respect that they earned. Leave it alone!

Oscar Pistorius – He gets my mad respect of not only because of his disability, but at least getting the chance to compete.

Overall, the 2012 games have been very challenging and interesting. At least the games meant something to those who had the chance to put on the USA, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, Great Britain, and many others to shine to be the best. I’ll give the international players credit. And I’ll give Team America credit for once again stepping up.

For 2016, I hope the American Folks should participate and compete to get more exposure in events of sports that are overlooked. I am reminded that with the African-American Athletes. After Gabby Douglas won her medals, blacks should start competeing in other sports of a Archery, Swimming, and etc, besides Basketball. If Lia Neal and Cullen Jones can do those on the swim squads, why can’t others? I think the use of promotion should be a factor for the future. However, I will expect to see more when the Summer Games goes Rio. Who knows, by then it could be more of “an American Summer.”


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