Taking another Olympic break yet again.

I often say that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. That is a fact. Recently, on my Facebook news feeds, and I happen to stumble on this. It was taken from a group posting on Facebook in conjunction with a person’s bad experience, in a racial negativity in regards to service at a Milwaukee downtown restaurant:

Toshiba posted today about the incident online stating, “My sister and I were dining at Elsa’s on The Park tonight and Karl’s (the owner’s) girlfriend stated that African Americans are the worst customers EVER and that blacks are the reason that there is a war on poverty and drugs because “u people don’t give a “SH#@” about “yourselves or anybody else. She also went on to say that “we don’t want you people in here”. Sadly, Karl stood by and watched”. 

Yep. You read that right. This is one of the main reasons why Milwaukee is the MOST Segregated cities in the U.S. ! Apparently there are too many like this in terms to think that African-Americans only are the bad customers. Guess what? Ive  seen worst customers of all angles! In part of that after the owner’s girlfriend utter the words “we don’t want you people in here” that not only angered the African-American customers who walked out, the cooks behind the scenes who were African-American also walked out! Apparently the brew city does have segregation issues in terms with race. Also, I’m assuming in America and the world has been to Kopp’s in Milwaukee. Guess what? The person who owns and runs Elsa’s on the Park, also owns and operates Kopp’s too. Kopp’s is a burger/custard joint we have in the city that is well known. And after this they may not get the support of African-Americans customers either!

This story has been non-stop. Even on the radio has been non stop. This morning, I was listening to WNOV 860AM, and there is a new segment called “The Forum” with radio host Sherwin Hughes. By the way the radio station is now online at http://www.wnov860am.com; and as well on the radio. Plus you can listen to the station via the Apps on Android, Blackberry, and the I-Phone. “The Forum” is a hard hitting segment in which the topics of political, civil and many other issues that seem and gain the thought in the African-American Community; that will you will not find like on WTMJ or any other station that most don’t address issues like this in Milwaukee. Sherwin voiced his liberties in terms of the incident at Elsa’s as of what happened. Apparently, the information given was from of his close friends in which was the victim of the incident that took place. Sherwin and those like him will never set foot in a place that doesn’t feel “welcomed”. But he also said that there might be folks who would still support the establishment and spend their money! Hold up. Why would ANYONE would continue to support any organization or company that has or had bad experiences that dealt with racial problems concerning African-Americans and not everyone else?  It’s the same thing with Milwaukee’s clubs on the East Side. Some of them had negative experiences with black folks too, as in terms of not letting them in. If I was a customer per say, and this went down, GOODBYE! No more Elsa’s. Go somewhere that can be appreciative to me,and fair quality of service. Like Black-Owned Businesses. And for the record, I have some members in my family that do own, operate, coordinate, and direct their own businesses. And they’re African-American living in Milwaukee. Yes, I know that this experience is well “sensitive” to most, BUT it is a concern that must be addressed. Everyone around the country that knows about Milwaukee’s Segregation problems, I can them saying, “you need to talk!” NO MORE HIDING! It’s either “put up or shut up.”  We have too. Matter of fact, we Americans have to address this issue of race as well instead of running away to other cities and countries just to get away. I’m just saying.

Mainly, the owner will respond in terms of this. And if an apology is in order, that might, just might be vital for justice.

This is not just a surprise. Last time I wrote about a blog about Milwaukee’s problems with race, it was last year. Which like before, is no surprise at all. Some say that racism is dead and done, and it’s 2012. It does not matter what year, era, generation, or a point in time. I often say this every new year’s: the more things change, the more things will remain the same. Even in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Don’t get me wrong. Milwaukee is a decent city. However, stuff like this, will need an act of God’s will to change.

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