I’m not a Soccer Fan, but jeez! Just play the game!

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Celebrations, Decision Factors, Editorial, Games
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Let me give a shout out to the US. Soccer Team. Mainly to the US Women’s Soccer Team in this year’s Olympic Games. I’ve been reading this Tweet comments in between Soccer Player Hope Solo and NBC Analyst Brandi Chastain. The same Brandi that we all know or most known in 1999 did the penalty soccer kick and well did the shirt removing thing as part of the win. Talk about going beastmode. And I know that some are reading this is probably asking, who is Hope Solo?!!!

Now keep in mind, that was 1999. Fast forward to 2012 in the Summer Games, the current player, Hope Solo is feuding (via Twitter) against the former US Soccer Star player.

“Its 2 bad we can’t have commentators who better represents the game…Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago,” “I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute.”

I kind of find this laughable. Matter of fact dang, is she still in High School?!  Ok, someone from the TV says something about a player’s skills, the player gets mad as you know what, and exchanges liberties over a comment from a sports analyst.

This sort of reminds me of what Ron Dayne went through in 1999 when playing for Wisconsin. It was the Badgers going against the Cincinnati Bearcats in a non-conference Big 10 Game. The Badgers lost that game and fumbled at least twice. And what did the media folks do? Criticized him badly. But the next couple of games towards the Rose Bowl the Badgers were dominant. Plus he won the Heisman Trophy. And to think there were a couple of CBS Analyst that commented that the Badgers were “the worst team to play in the Rose Bowl.” By the way that worst team was Wisconsin that WON the Rose Bowl! Knowingly probably Ron Dayne should have went postal against the critics of his game, but he let the game did the talking by just playing and winning. In other words, the fire was lit.

This is what Hope Solo has to do. If I had some advice I say this: Just play!!!!!! Screw what Brandi Chastain said and stop worrying about what is expected of her on her end. No matter what was said or commented either virtually or in person. Hope Solo: Just play your game. Period! Too many times we get worried about what that person said and take it like a bad rash. It will become a bad rash if you treat it like one. Shake it off! And get back what you do best and grab the gold.

That’s all needs to be said.


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