I’m about to take a Olympic Break, and talk about local politics and the quote: “vote for someone that looks like you”. Guess what, Wisconsin? We vote again on August 14th, which is the Primary Election before the General Election. Apparently, the quote that State Senator Elizabeth Coggs spoke out in terms of what in parts the voters should go for in terms of I think is interest. Now before I get the hot seat, personally this is nothing new. Folks have been voting for folks that had an interest in similarities like them  for a long time. Technically, I will further implore in my view, that the statement given State Senator Elizabeth Coggs, is not racially motivated to separate. Lot of folks in the African-American Community voted for Barack Obama back in 2008, and yours truly was one of them. HOWEVER here is something you don’t’ know: and I want the Wisconsin Caucasian audience to read this loosely, as well as my African-American Brothers and Sisters. No matter which political side you are on. I as an African-American male born and raised in Wisconsin didn’t vote for Obama because of his black skin, or mixed skin, or color skin. I voted for him basically because of two things: His enthusiasm and vision for America’s future and objectives. Mainly for his enthusiasm and vision. That’s it. For once, I didn’t mention nor implored or commented about his skin color. Now I don’t know what Sandy Pasch or Mandela Barnes and others thought that the comment was well, “racist.”
Even the thought of Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikyla Harris would jump into this. I should point out the candidates are all Wisconsin Democrats. Partially, in a point it’s true that most will vote for someone that identifies with their beliefs. How many of you will vote for Romney per say and comment that “he identifies with me?” Admit it. How many of you will vote for the remaining candidates that you can look like or lean to? How many of you voted for Walker (uh oh) in terms of being fed up with the so-called government take over? And liking the fact of union busting, war on women, derailing infrastructural ideas, taking away the funds of not providing educational stuff, healthcare and many other things that well most of you did believe in? I’m just saying, Tell me I’m lying!

Community Brainstorming – July 28th

I’ll bet that many of folks in Wisconsin, or America that will vote for someone that “looks like them” and admit it. The dollar bills are on the table. Let’s take the bet to Potawatomi Bingo of all places.  The statement made by State Rep. Elizabeth Coggs in my view, is not in any way anti-racial. It’s more like a metaphor of interest of your choice and what you feel. If you like the value of choice schools vote for this candidate. If you want better job connections in the district for better opportunities, make your mark for that candidate. That’s what it is. Interest! Not race. It’s hard for a city like Milwaukee to face this. After all it is one of the most segregated cities in the U.S.  Matter of fact the number 1 segragated city in the US that still lags behind in transportation, jobs, 4th poorest city in the nation and etc. Hmmmm…….what about that to ponder.

Have I voted for white guys? Yes.

Have I voted for black folks? Absolutely.

Have I voted for black folks and/or white folks solely based on race? NO!

Have I voted for black folks and/or white folks solely on interest? Definitely.

If having black repensation is an interest of mine, I’ll go for it. Not because of race, because of ideal values.

No matter what happens on August 14th or after August 14th, this part will die down. But the thought in my view, will continue.


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