OK, Milwaukee. Really, when are we going to step up with new things, without being stuck in the past and behind?

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Life, News and politics, Organizations
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I was reading the article about the proposed new tower, The Couture. It is designed (on paper) according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is a 44-story Tower that is preplaned to be on the site of the Downtown Transit Center which is near the streets of Michigan, Lincoln Memorial Drive and Clybourn. For those don’t know, this is in Milwaukee near the lakefront, ajaicent near the Betty Brimm Children’s Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, the O’Donnell Parking Garage, and near by Discovery World. For once, when I saw article about the proposed tower, I began to say that it could be a good look for the city in terms of the skyline. Yes the skyline, not shoreline. Obviously the tower could add depth to the skyline in terms of improving the basis of it .

But now, there is another group who thinks it’s not a good idea to add the proposed tower to the area. Preserve Our Parks or POP,  is the name, and they are trying to defuse the idea of not adding any Private firms interfering with the former lake bed in which the Downtown Transit Center sits currently. The Downtown Transit Center if those want to know is part of the Milwaukee County Transit System and is useful for the Buses.Furthermore I kind of read about this on Facebook, more recently with my connections that stuff like this of one group interfering with another’s attempt of trying to build something like this tower, is another note of keeping Milwaukee behind and stuck in the past. Yeah Milwaukee I SAID IT. It seems that I’ve been talking about this before, only thing about it, it’s my commentary about Wisconsin being a “tail-end” state. TAIL-END! Speaking of this, where was this same group when the Downtown Transit Center was built in the first place? Why didn’t they speak up back then? Why now if it was so concerned of the former lake bed?

It’s just like the High Speed Rail. “Oh, it’s too expensive. It’s a boondoggle and no one will ride it.” Oh the mayor wants to put a Streetcar downtown, and it’s another waste of goverment spending. No one will not set foot on it. ” Shut it up! Zip it and throw it away! Tell that to those who need a ride to expand their transportation where the buses don’t go! Or just to try to jazz it up with upgrades. I keep referencing Chicago, Orlando, and many other medium to large sized cities that seem to get it! Even Portland, Oregon get this. And did I mention the twin cities is kicking Milwaukee in the rear end in regarding to move the city? I’ve been to Minneapolis and let me tell you, it’s a good city of vibrance. Vibrance, something that Milwaukee should look at and copy it.  Similar to Bill Maher mentioning someting about France. “France has a better Health Care System than we do, and America should steal it.” Now I shouldn’t mention those other cities in regarding Milwaukee, but…….IT NEEDED TO BE SAID.

In order for Milwaukee to get compettive with the rest with the midwest, region or the country, it has to come out and play. I’m serious. Now I don’t know the rules, but I study the game. If you don’t play the game, guess what? You lose. You might lose big, little, or in between. And don’t make excuses of losing to someone else because no one is to blame but themselves. I’ll admit. I love my homecity. My birthplace. My residence. And do I want Milwaukee to wake up without all the blatant excuses of being behind, incompitent excuses of being left behind and get this, having this backwards negative political attitude? I’m going there.

This is one of the main reasons why cities like this, with a genuine past gets left behind. Milwaukee better rise up big time in order to compete, thrive, and also enrich ourselves to remain on the map. But if we keep having those excuses of things won’t work in belief or absent minded, or should I say way too conservative, then it would be a thing of the past of just wont let go and having problems.



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