I’m sure that many of us had or will have the opportunity to see The Dark Knight Rises, which is in theaters now. And many of us had the privilege to go to the Midnight Screenings or early screenings for the movie. No question, I think The Dark Knight Rises puts the final climax for the Christopher Nolan series. In other words, from the beginning to the middle and to the end, I think this is what most fans wanted and got in all these movies.

Now there’s going to be a question: which one was the best? We’ve or most of us seen them all, but which one stands alone as THE ONE? Many of us will weigh it out as usual. It’s like comparing one machine to another. I remember 20 years ago I saw Batman Returns, and like this one it had a Bruce Wayne/Batman/Selena Kyle/Catwoman angle on it. But this one had one common enemy: Bane. Now it’s not Bane as in “Bain Capital”.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Lots of surprises in which I will not disclose here! The only way to judge it for yourself is to well, see it. Again, don’t want to disclose here.

Now, as we know that the Aurora, Colorado community is still reeling from the shooting. In terms of asking why this gunman, who was a former college student would get this arsenal, and starting shooting innocent people in a theater. First, my sympathies to those that were affected. No one deserves to receive that. It was inhumane and unmoral. And to those who are well “gun touting citizens”, would you condone this act? I’m just asking.

I was listening to Blowradio.com yesterday (yep that station online in Milwaukee) and there was a question about safety nets. Lots of us heard and probably said that they would never set foot in a theater based on the tragedy.  I have a question: where is the safety net in terms of being safe in schools? Or in a store? Matter fact in your own neighborhoods? Your place of employment, transportation, festivals, Districts, Suburbs (oh yes, I did say suburbs) Or if you’re reading this for tomorrow, what about churches? The reason I mentioned those places because they have been affected by those in terms with  gun violence. Even Churches! But the question remains is this: where is the safety net? Even walking out of the door to your cars or bus stops is taking a risk! Safety is the first, next and last concern on everyone’s mind. It should not be a one of those lying the streets thing. Even the President and Mitt Romney had to comment and to pull their ads for a while, for to remember those who didn’t deserve to die in a violent act. I’ll get to them in a later blog. Most in a “pro-Obama” sense. Don’t judge me!

But when I watched the movie today, I thought about those in Aurora that had to go through that. But to those in the community, Rise up! Rise above this with faith and confidence. America, we too need to rise up against racism, gender, anti-relationships, job discrimination, unemployment, teen pregnancy, and many other things that Americans still go through in a “funeral like procession”. Even online negativity via Social Media. Even rise up of being can’t do to can do!

Like I said, I won’t spoil the movie, but I can say, it will give you an idea to rise. You don’t have to be the Dark Knight. Or to act like Batman. Just sometimes, sometimes, when the chips are down, and when things don’t seem right. Rise.


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