You’re joking right? This year’s USA Basketball Team would school the Originals from 1992?

Posted: July 13, 2012 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Games, Sports
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236698 new nike team usa basketball uniforms Team USA Announces Finalized 2012 Olympic Roster

I have been paying attention to this debate online about this discussion about the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 Team going for the Gold in London. Now, I want to address this to the now Kobe Bryant Fans that think his squad would have the edge, and labeling the “Jordan Worshippers” wrong and in denial. Let me tell you. If that would have happen, the Originals, the OG’s would school Kobe and LeBron. Oh, yes, I would say that the 92 Dream Team, the team that everyone wanted to follow and immulate in basketball would school the 2012 squad. Why you ask? It’s the experience and the cailiber in which the 90’s had. Most of the Kobe Worshippers, and the LeBron Maniacs need to realize that they, (Kobe and LeBron) need to understand without guys like MJ and Pippen, who wore the USA Basketball Uniforms first, your guys wouldn’t be ballin’, and also winning championships and getting a share of Gold Medals. You guys say “Oh, MJ is overrated”. So is Kobe. So is LeBron. I’ll give them credit, they are good ball players. But none of them, would never be equal as talented as Michael Jordan. Not either like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Cylde Drexler, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Charles Barkley, and Christian Lattener. Those guys stood the standards for World Basketball in an revolutionary way. Not the 2012 squad. And neither the 2008 squad. I went there!

To you new guys reading this, its about homage. Its about respect. It’s about honoring those who stood the standards.  Maybe what Kobe said was out of context, but should understand that he needs to respect the originals in terms of where he is now. LeBron, same thing. Others on the squad, same thing. Most today don’t respect that. Which is sad! That would be like in the Divine 9  Black Greeks, taht I’ve heard and read about the older Black Greek Organizations aiming at the members of Iota Phi Theta, that ‘they need to go back and talk to their founders”, and all the other stuff. Still their founders, most of them, are still living and giving advice. That’s like going back and talking to your grandparents and teaching you something that might enlighten you! Oh yes, I got respect for the D9 Black Greeks, but for some who say that, might watch themeselves so it wouldn’t be one of those “bite you in the butt things” one day examples. Also the same with Obama being pictured sitting in the exact bus where Rosa Parks once was warned about moving to the back. Again, paying homage.

Like many of you, I’ll be paying attention to the Olympic Games. And to see if the Basketball Team of 2012 would measure up to the 1992 squad. But I still believe as much as those as my age and up that this year’s squad will never measure up with the Originals. Sorry new school fans. I just feel that way!


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