DirecTV and Viacom need to work out the details or I’ll leave!

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Reflections, Technology
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I thought I would never come to this but, I’m going to vent and let loose today. Apparently, DirecTV today has less channels due to the dispute with Viacom. If any DirecTV user woke up this morning, or stayed up late last night, you noticed that the channels of BET, MTV, VH1, and others are now a bunch of mix channels. Actually this was all Viacom’s attempt to remove the channels in terms of keeping the channels so the users of DirecTV can continue to pay more. However for DirecTV’s standards, that wouldn’t be fair.

I have been a DirecTV user since 2005, and I had NEVER had any issues concerning this before. Many of us on social media are “mad as hell”, yeah I said it, in terms of the product being mishandled between the two parties. We the DirecTV fans are getting screwed over the high prices and having to pay $100.00 per month now of the things we currently use. Look, I like the satellite thing. I do. But as a true consumer, I have to be real. DirecTV needs new direction. It needs new guidance in terms of FAIRNESS FOR ALL! What is going on now is nothing but current greed! It’s pathetic.

Now I know what the naysayers of Dish, Comcast, Time Warner or maybe U-Verse are saying “Ha Ha, I see DirecTV is messing with your money” on these channels. Way out in Twitter and Facebook. I’m going to say to those who own or rent those things, don’t front if it happens to you! You maybe front with that mess on Twitter now, don’t be mad if you start complaining. later! Obviously, those of us who invested DirecTV on a consumer level are the same folks who go to work everyday to pay the bill, put the food on the table, and others. So who’s to laugh or joke about that?! Talk smack about that losers! And did I mention that I am tax payer too? Hmmmmm! And to those who say, stop crying about some channels, BUTT OUT! As consumers we have a right to complain as much as the next person cussing out the bejesus of some folks who hate folks of a certain size, shape and color. I’m not sounding racist or acting racist, but what I am saying is when something goes wrong, we will complain about it. Simple right?

If Dish Network is the answer, I’ll go with them. If U-Verse is the answer, I’ll go with them. Or if Comcast or Time Warner got some ideas, knowingly, I’ll try them.  All needs to be said.

  1. smcclintonjr says:

    ****Just as an update: DirecTV and Viacom had recently reached a deal which is long term, and also the Viacom channels have been restored. But in my estimation, both companies need to have a new guidance in order to comprise for the consumers.

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