After many times debating about the Health Care Law, I felt a need to display this:

Finally there can be something for this. Now to those who think this is a raw deal, ask those who don’t have no coverage. I believe that every American should have affordable health care no matter what condition it transpires. Even those who live past 18 up to 26 years old,  and still on the parent’s should be covered.

The President often times said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. However, if you don’t have a medical plan, by 2014, those without it, will be able to get it. Now there are some naysayers out there, spefically those in “guarded republican states” will not take this at all. Specically a state I know well enough: Wisconsin. If I were a lenghty debater, Scott Walker would have a field day in terms of changing his mind. But obviously those like him are not going to budge that much. It it stubbornness? Yes. All because of having a President of color? I’m going there! And that goes for those like Rush Limbaugh. Didn’t he made a deal that he would move to Costa Rica if the Healthcare Act had officially passed and being Constitutional? Matter of fact, those who also pleaded to move to Canada due to the HealthCare change, need realize that countries like Canada, have free health care, in which I think is affordable. Bill Maher, once said this about France: “France has a better HealthCare system than we do, and America should steal it!” For those like Rush, ummm, a deal is a deal. MOVE RUSH!

I would say that this new HealthCare Act for 2014 can be a positive light for those who really need to check themselves healthwise. Especially those who haven’t’ been to the doctor in years, or just now going to the dentist! Like it or not, having a health care is not just a right, it’s a need. The first thing on your mind is your health, and the last thing on your mind IS YOUR HEALTH! Most folks probably did the Tea Party March in 2010 probably haven’t moved in years. It’s also the same year that mostly Nancy Pelosi and others carried that big gavel and actually made something with this. And I’m also reminded that what’s got them out of office, unceremoniously. So I’m assuming that those waved the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags don’t care about their health? Hmmm, correct me if I’m wrong.  I know some African-Americans in Milwaukee that don’t have health insurance or any type of health care. Where’s their rights to have some?

We all talk about jobs. But with “the jobs” should there be a decent HealthCare Plan? I’m just saying in general. So despite of the political views, there is one thing that shouldn’t be polictal at all: Decent needs for all Americans in Health should not be toyed with. Period!




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